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Zach Bryan’s Poems and Closing Time – Find Soulful Poetry on 1LovePoems

Introducing the soulful poetry of Zach Bryan – expressing raw emotions and profound thoughts on life, love, and the bittersweet moments of closing time.

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where you’ll find a range of poems on love, loss, and everything in between. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Zach Bryan, an up-and-coming country singer-songwriter who’s been capturing hearts with his emotive lyrics. From heartbreak to hope and all the messy emotions in between, Zach’s words will leave you reaching for the tissues or raising a glass to closing time. So join us as we delve into the world of Zach Bryan poems and discover the magic he weaves with his pen.

Short Poems

1. Stargazing
Under a cloak of darkened sky,
The stars above me seem to fly.
Shimmering and bright they shine,
A twinkling cosmic design.

2. Autumn’s Arrival
Leaves fall gently to the ground,
As autumn’s cool embrace comes round.
A palette of warm hues now reigns,
Beauty in nature’s changing veins.

3. Heart’s Echoes
A whispered thought, an unspoken word,
Echoes in the chambers of the heart unheard.
Feelings deep and emotions true,
Lost in a sea of doubts anew.

4. Mind’s Wanderings
In the stillness of the night,
My mind wanders without might.
Thoughts drift and meander free,
As sleep evades and sets me be.

5. Closing Time
The night is long, the bar is bright,
And yet its time to call it a night.
Drinks were drunk, songs were sung,
And with the final bell, the night is done.

Medium Poems

1. Name: “Lonely Nights”
Every night, I lay down to sleep
With thoughts that are mine to keep
Of all the ones who once did care
And left me alone in despair

The stars above me shine so bright
But they can’t blind the sting of the night
For in my heart, I carry the weight
Of memories that turned into fate

I hear the clock tick and tock
As the night grows darker and stark
And I wonder if I’ll ever see
The dawn of another happy glee

But till then, I’ll embrace the pain
And let the tears fall like rain
For in the darkest hour of the night
I find the strength to hold on tight

2. Name: “Closing Time”
The clock strikes twelve, and it’s closing time
Another day ends, another climb
Of stairs that lead me to my bed
Where I lay my weary head

Another day, another grind
Of chasing dreams that are hard to find
But I keep walking on this road
With every pain, and every load

For every night, I see the stars
That light up my path, that heal my scars
And every morning, I wake up anew
With hope in my heart, and dreams so true

So, here’s to another closing time
Where I lay down to rest and unwind
And with every breath I take, I know
That tomorrow’s a chance, a new show

Long Poems

The Wanderer’s Dilemma

I am a traveler in this world so vast,
Roaming the earth without reason or task,
I’ve walked through mountains and sailed the seas,
Yet my wandering heart still yearns to be free.

With each step, I discover something new,
A beautiful land, a people so true,
But though I’m grateful for each precious sight,
There’s an ache in my heart I cannot fight.

For every time I leave a place behind,
A bittersweet feeling lingers in my mind,
And every person I meet along the way,
Is a soul that will soon fade away.

So I wander on, searching for a home,
A place where I can finally be known,
But as the years go by, I fear it’s true,
That I’ll never find what I’m looking for in you.

And so I’ll keep walking, with heavy feet,
Until the day that death we finally meet,
For though I’ll never have a resting place,
My heart will forever cherish this wandering grace.

Closing time is near, the night is done,
And I must leave this place I’ve grown fond,
But as I step out into the cold,
My heart starts to miss the stories told.

In this bar, where strangers become friends,
I’ve found a piece of love that never ends,
And though I’ll never see them again,
I know their memories will forever remain.

So I’ll raise a glass to these beautiful souls,
And to the weeping toasts we’ll forever hold,
For though we’ll never meet again till the end,
I thank you all for being my friend.

Wanderlust & Restlessness

The hands of the clock go tick-tock,
And the sun has set, closing time.
I pack my bags and hit the road,
Wandering like a gypsy, free to roam.

The highway sings a lonesome tune,
As I drive past fields and streams.
The moon, my only companion,
Glimmers in the dark, a guiding beam.

I’ve got a restless soul, I suppose,
A heart that yearns for something more.
I wander to find what it might be,
What lies beyond every closed door.

The miles pass by, mile after mile,
My thoughts drifting like the clouds.
The world can be a crazy place,
But the uncertainty it brings, I’m proud.

I find myself in different towns,
And the people, they’re all unique.
Each face tells a different story,
And I listen, as they speak.

Sometimes I feel a deep fatigue,
A longing to settle down.
But then a new adventure calls,
And I can’t resist the sound.

So I drive on, into the night,
My wanderlust, it never fades.
For every moment is a new memory,
In the life that I have made.

The hands of the clock go tick-tock,
But time is just a number,
For I know, in my restless heart,
The journey never truly slumbers.

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