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Funny Poopy Poems: A Collection of Hilariously Gross Verses

Unleash Your Funny Side with Our Hilarious Poopy Poems Collection

Looking for some “poopy” poems? Look no further! Here at 1LovePoems, we’re bringing you a range of poems on the topic… Well, you know what we mean. From the humorously raunchy to the unspeakably gross, we’ve got it all. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained (and maybe a little bit grossed out). These poems may not be suitable for all audiences, but if you’re feeling a bit cheeky and in the mood for some potty humor, you’ll be right at home. Let the #2 puns begin!

Short Poems

1. Stinky Surprise
Doggy did a poop today,
And left it in the yard to stay.
It smells so bad, it’s hard to bear,
I wish someone would clean it there.

2. Bathroom Break
I had to go to the potty,
But there was someone in there already.
I waited and waited, until my turn,
And finally, relief did I earn.

3. Flush Flush Flush
All the poop went down the toilet,
I pushed the lever and made it go quick.
Now there’s a clean slate for the next one,
Flush flush flush, and the job is done.

4. The Great Outdoors
I went for a hike in the great outdoors,
And found a spot to do some chores.
With no bathroom in sight, I had no choice,
But to squat down and let it voice.

Medium Poems

Stinky Surprise

Oh, what a stinky surprise
I stepped in something brown and unwise
My shoe now reeks of a foul smell
This is not going to end well

I try to scrub the poop away
But it clings on like a stray
Why did I not watch where I tread?
Now I’m filled with dread

Lesson learned, I’ll never forget
To keep my eyes peeled and not regret
This stinky surprise that taught me well
To avoid the poop and stay out of its smell

Poop Patrol

I am on a poop patrol
Trying to clean up every little hole
Dogs and cats leave their mark
In every park, it’s just a lark

But it’s a mess for people like me
To clean up poop that they never see
I carry a bag, a shovel, and gloves
Hoping to clean up things that as it roves

I walk around and pick it up
Trying not to gag or interrupt
People who are enjoying the sun
Who knew poop cleaning could be so fun!

So let’s all do our part
And clean up after our furry sweethearts
It’s a small thing that makes a big effect
On the environment that we all project

The Poop Emoji

The poop emoji, you’ve seen it before
Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes a bore
What’s up with the smiley poo?
Why is it so popular, oh so true?

It’s a symbol for something we all do
No one’s immune, not even you
It’s something we can all relate
A top emoji that’s become just great

It’s not a favorite, but it’s not despised
It’s a symbol we cannot compromise
It reminds us to stay grounded in humor
Even when the situation is quite the tumor

So embrace the poop emoji
Laugh at yourself, don’t be coy
It’s something we cannot avoid
But it’s something we can celebrate, with joy!

Long Poems

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