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School Excuses: My Dog Ate My Homework Poems | 1LovePoems

Unleash the Fun: My Dog Ate My Homework Poems

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we take the classic excuse “my dog ate my homework” to the next level with a collection of hilarious and charming poems. Whether you’re looking for a silly rhyme to lighten the mood or a heartfelt verse to express your love for your furry friend, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this range of poems about our four-legged homework helpers. Who knows, you may even find some inspiration for your next excuse!

Short Poems

1. “The Excuse”
My dog ate my homework,
I swear that it’s true,
He gobbled it up,
Before I even knew.

2. “The Apology”
Dear Teacher, I’m sorry,
My dog was to blame,
He chewed up my homework,
It’s my fault, I’m ashamed.

3. “The Confession”
I’ll tell you the truth,
My dog didn’t eat,
I procrastinated,
And now I’m a cheat.

4. “The Resolution”
No more excuses,
I’ll do it on time,
Homework complete,
And no more canine crime.

Medium Poems

1. “Excuses, Excuses”

My dog ate my homework, oh what a cliché,
But when I walked in my room, I knew it was true all the way.
The papers were scattered, a mess on the floor,
My dog looked up, guilty as ever before.

I searched for a reason, an excuse that would stick,
But I knew deep inside, I had only one trick.
So I hung my head, and as tears filled my eyes,
I said to my teacher, “I’m sorry, please don’t penalize.”

2. “Man’s Best Friend”

My dog ate my homework, I know it sounds absurd,
But it’s true, I swear it, every single word.
He’s my best friend, always by my side,
But in that moment, he couldn’t resist his canine pride.

I begged and pleaded, to no avail,
My homework was gone, beyond the pale.
But as I looked at my dog, with his wagging tail,
I realized it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t help but prevail.

3. “The Last Straw”

My dog ate my homework, again and again,
I couldn’t take it, I was driven insane.
So I made a plan, to end this silly game,
And prevent my dog from taking the blame.

I kept my homework far from his reach,
And finally, he couldn’t quite breach.
So now, when I hand in my work,
I can finally breathe, without a quirk.

Long Poems

The Great Excuse

I’ll tell you a tale that’s hard to swallow,
About a dog who ate my homework, oh so hollow.
It may seem like an old cliche,
But it really happened to me, I’m here today to say.

It was late at night, and I was feeling quite weary,
I had a project due, and was feeling quite dreary,
I had spent all night on the assignment at hand,
But then I realized, I didn’t have a plan.

I knew I couldn’t make the midnight deadline,
So, I decided to lie and say that I was just fine,
I told my teacher a dog ate my paper,
It sounded like a fib, it made them taper.

The teacher just rolled their eyes and said,
You’d better have that homework done by next week or you’ll be dead.
I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do,
But then I thought of a plan, which I would pursue.

I went home and searched for the perfect pooch,
It had to be a breed with a guilty rooch,
I found the perfect one that very night,
I named him “Homework,” and thought I was quite bright.

The next day, I walked into class with a grin,
I had my homework in my hand, as I strolled in,
My teacher couldn’t believe what they had seen,
Homework wasn’t due for another week, it was just obscene.

But then the teacher noticed the bite marks and tears,
The paper was in a million pieces, it brought tears,
They looked at me and said, “This is ridiculous, it’s not your fault”,
But I didn’t feel bad, I knew I had found the perfect vault.

As time went on, I’d always blame my pup,
For eating my work, it became my go-to backup,
I never got caught, not even once,
My excuse was so believable, it was full of fun.

So, if you ever need an excuse to skip your homework,
Just tell them your dog ate it, you’ll twist their mind cork,
But be warned, it may become a bad habit,
Your dog might become famous, and people might grab it.

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