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Love Poems For Her

Moving On: Poems for Ex Girlfriends

Love Lost, Words Found: Poems for Ex Girlfriends

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems for ex-girlfriends. Ah, the memories of those relationships may be bitter or sweet, but the words of these poems will always ring true. We have a range of verses to suit every mood, from heart-wrenching to witty to downright spiteful. So grab a tissue, or maybe a glass of something stronger, and indulge in our collection of top-notch ex-girlfriend poems.

Short Poems

1. “Fleeting Love”
Our love was like a flicker of flame,
Exciting, but quick to fade,
Our time together was never quite the same,
And now our memories begin to evade.

2. “Broken Heart”
My heart aches with every thought,
Of the love we used to share,
Our romance faded and then was caught,
In a web of lies and despair.

3. “The One That Got Away”
You were the one that got away,
The love I couldn’t keep,
But even though you’re gone today,
Your memory still cuts me deep.

4. “Moving On”
It’s time for me to move on,
To leave this love behind,
Though I’ll miss you when you’re gone,
I know peace is what I’ll find.

Medium Poems

I Wish You Well

I know we said goodbye,
And it was for the best.
But I can’t help but wonder,
If you’re handling the test.

Life can be so unpredictable,
And love can be so strange.
We gave it our all,
But our love had to change.

I hope you’ve found your happiness,
And that your heart has healed.
I wish you nothing but the best,
And all the love you can feel.

So here’s to us, my ex-girlfriend,
And the memories we’ll always share.
I hope you find what you’re looking for,
And that you know I still care.

Moving On

It’s time to say goodbye,
And cut all of our ties.
We used to be so close,
But now it’s time to realize

We were never meant to be,
And that’s okay, you see.
We gave it our all,
And now it’s time to leave.

I’m moving on with grace,
Leaving all the hurt and pain.
I’ll cherish our time together,
But I’ll never look back again.

So here’s my final goodbye,
And my last farewell.
I hope you find what you’re looking for,
As I move on and excel.

Long Poems

To My Ex Lover

To my dear ex lover, oh how I miss you so
It’s been months since we broke up, but the pain won’t let me go
Memories of us still linger in my mind
Of the laughter and love we left behind

I still remember the way you smiled
And the warmth of your embrace
You were the one who made my life worthwhile
And took my heart with grace

We had our arguments and our struggles too
But we always found a way to make it through
Now I find myself alone in the dark
Wondering where it all went wrong and fell apart

Every time I hear a song we used to love
Or see a movie we watched together
I can’t help but feel the heartache and pain
Of a love that’s lost forever

But despite it all, I still wish you all the best
I hope you find true love that will ease your rest
For though we’re no longer together
In my heart you’ll be forever

So here’s to you, my dear ex lover
May life bring you joy and happiness ever after
And though we may never cross paths again
I’ll never forget the love we shared, my friend.

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