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Love Poems For Her

The Kissing Hand Poems – Heartwarming Verses of Love and Comfort for Kids

Share everlasting love with “The Kissing Hand” poems – heartwarming tributes to a timeless tale.

Welcome to the Kissing Hand Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here you’ll find a range of heartfelt and tender poems that revolve around the beautiful symbolism of the Kissing Hand. From poems for parents sending their little ones off to school for the first time, to romantic rhymes that take inspiration from this sweet gesture, we’ve got it all. So come on in and get ready to be smitten by our poetic musings!

Short Poems

1. The Kissing Hand
A kiss on my hand, a whisper in my ear
Mama says she loves me, there’s nothing left to fear
I hold her love close to my heart, all throughout the day
And when I’m missing her, I touch my hand and say

2. The First Day
I walk up to the school, feeling a little scared
But then I remember the secret that we’ve shared
I touch my hand to my cheek, and feel my mother’s love
And suddenly I know, I can do this with a shove

3. A Reminder
Sometimes it gets hard, being away from home
But then I remember the love that we’ve grown
I touch my hand and feel the warmth of her kiss
And everything is okay, I have something to miss

4. The End of the Day
The bell rings loud and clear, it’s time to go back
But I don’t feel scared, or anxious, or slack
I touch my hand and feel the love that I know
And I remember that I’ll be back tomorrow.

Medium Poems

The Kissing Hand

In the quiet of the night
As the stars sparkle bright
A little raccoon sits with his mom
Feeling nervous and filled with qualm

He’s starting school tomorrow
And doesn’t know how to swallow
The fear and the worry he feels
As his little heart stubbornly reels

But his mom takes his hand in hers
And lays a little kiss on top, ever so pure
She whispers a secret so sweet
To help him stay strong and not retreat

She tells him to hold his hand to his cheek
And remember her love, so tender and meek
The kiss he feels on his palm
Will give him strength and settle his qualm

The little raccoon falls asleep
With a smile on his face and heart filled deep
Knowing that even when they’re apart
His mom’s love will always be in his heart.

The First Day

It’s the first day of school, oh joy!
A feeling that every child would like to employ
New friends, new teacher, new things to discover
A chance to learn and skills to uncover

The little hands hold on tightly
To backpacks and lunches, ever so spritely
Excitement and energy filling the air
Laughter and chatter heard everywhere

As the day begins, the little hearts beat fast
Curiosity and wonderment making the time fly past
The classroom is a place of magic
Where learning and fun combine, fantastic!

Letters and numbers, stories and songs
The little ones learn and belong
To a world of possibilities so rare
With teachers who love and care

As the day ends, the little hands wave goodbye
To friends and teachers, with a glimmer in their eye
The first day of school, a memory so sweet
A milestone in their journey, a moment to greet.

Long Poems

The Magic of The Kissing Hand

A tiny raccoon with big, curious eyes,

Was nervous to leave his mother’s side.

He was scared of school and all that it brings,

Of missing his home and all of its things.

His mother, wise and gentle and kind,

Held his paw and spoke with her mind.

She whispered a secret, a magical charm,

A gift that would carry him through any harm.

She kissed his palm and touched his heart,

And whispered “whenever we’re apart,

Hold your hand to your cheek and know that I’m there,

Close in your heart, to show you I care.”

The little raccoon smiled and felt his fear fade,

For the love of his mother would never evade.

With the magic of The Kissing Hand,

He knew he could face whatever was planned.

He went to school with head held high,

And whispered the secret when he said goodbye.

And as he touched his cheek and felt the kiss,

He knew he was loved, and nothing was amiss.

The magic of The Kissing Hand,

A love that is endless, a promise that stands.

For no matter where we go or what we do,

The love of our family will always carry us through.

The Kissing Hand

In a forest deep and green,
Lived a young raccoon, so serene,
Whose name was Chester, fair and bright,
With a heart that shone, like a starry night.

Chester was afraid to go to school,
To leave his mother, that golden rule,
To face new challenges, oh so bold,
Without her paw to tightly hold.

But Mother Raccoon had a trick so clever,
To ease poor Chester’s fear forever,
She kissed his palm, and said with care,
Whenever you need me, it’ll be right there.

Chester went off to school that day,
With his mother’s love, just a kiss away,
He held his paw up to his cheek,
And felt her love, so sweet and meek.

The other animals teased and laughed,
Poor Chester felt all alone and half,
But with the kiss, his mother’s love,
He found the strength, to rise above.

Chester made friends and learned so much,
He embraced life, with a gentle touch,
And when he missed his mother’s embrace,
He held out his paw, to feel her grace.

The kissing hand, a simple act,
But one that heals, with love intact,
It bridges distance, and fills the heart,
A precious gift, that never departs.

So Chester grew, into a strong and wise,
A raccoon, whose heart, was full of surprise,
And whenever he missed his mother’s kiss,
He held his paw, and felt the bliss.

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