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7 Heartfelt Sept Poems to Welcome Autumn

September Reveries

Greetings poetry lovers! This month at 1LovePoems, we’re celebrating September with poems as varied and colorful as autumn leaves. From cozy sweater weather to the melancholy beauty of fading blooms, our selection of September poems captures the essence of this transitional time of year. Whether you’re feeling inspired by the first crisp morning breeze or reminiscing on summer’s sun-kissed moments, we’ve got a poem that will strike a chord. So grab a cup of tea, curl up with your laptop, and enjoy some September musings in poetic form.

Short Poems

1. “Autumn Leaves”
Falling leaves, crimson gold
Nature’s canvas, stunning to behold
A symphony, as they drift down
Autumn’s magic, all around

2. “Whispers in the Wind”
The wind whispers secrets in my ear
Of love, loss, and things I fear
Its gentle touch upon my skin
Whispers in the wind, calming within

3. “Moonlit Night”
Under the stars, a moonlit night
Everything is bathed in silver light
Nature is quiet, the world asleep
A magical moment, mine to keep

4. “Sunrise”
Birds chirping, breaking dawn
Colors paint the sky, all alone
Sun slowly rises, welcoming day
A new beginning, come what may.

Medium Poems

Autumn Leaves

The leaves are falling
Drifting down so soft and slow
Autumn’s sweet refrain

Their once-green hues fade
As they flutter through the air
A tranquil tableau

Beneath the trees’ boughs
A blanket of gold and red
Nature’s quilt weaves round


The world turns amber
As twilight greets the day’s end
Colors fade to grey

A quiet hush falls
As the sun slips below ground
Leaving us to rest

The stars twinkle bright
As the moon takes center stage
Night’s curtain descends

Harvest Moon

The full moon rises
Casting light on fields below
Harvest time draws near

The kitchen bustles
As the scent of fresh bread wafts
Nourishing the soul

Laughter and joy ring
As we gather ’round the hearth
Thankful hearts abound

Long Poems

The Seasons of Life

Spring arrives, in full bloom,
Birds return, to their favourite room.
Melodies of life, resound through the air,
Joy and hope, ever so fair.

Summer brings, the days of heat,
Long drives, and sandals on our feet.
The sun shines, with all its might,
Nature’s bounty, in full sight.

Autumn comes, on a breeze so cool,
The leaves fall, to earth’s gentle pull.
Golden hues, paint the sky,
Nature’s canvas, an artist’s delight.

Winter descends, with a mighty roar,
A blanket of white, covers the floor.
Frosty air, brings a chill,
A warm fireplace, our only thrill.

The seasons change, as time goes by,
Days become years, with a silent sigh.
Moments lost, in the sands of time,
Memories of life, our only lifeline.

We live our lives, in a cycle so true,
The seasons of life, a tale anew.
Embrace each moment, with all your might,
For life is fleeting, and out of sight.

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