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Fearful Verse: Scare Poems for the Brave at Heart

Scream-Worthy Scare Poems that will Haunt You Forever

Welcome to our collection of scare poems! From spine-tingling tales to hair-raising horrors, we’ve got a range of poems on this creepy topic. Whether you want to send a chill down your own spine or give your friends a fright, these poems are guaranteed to do the trick. So light some candles, put on your favorite creepy soundtrack, and enjoy these spooky verses. Just don’t blame us if you end up sleeping with the lights on!

Short Poems

1. “The Shadow”
In the darkness of night
Comes a figure with no light
A shadow so tall and looming
My heart races, fear consuming

2. “Whispers in the Wind”
A whisper in the wind,
A chill down my spine begins
I cannot see who speaks,
My knees grow weak

3. “Ghostly Reflection”
In the mirror I see,
A face that’s not me
Ghostly and pale,
I dare not exhale

4. “The Haunted House”
Creaking floorboards
And slamming doors
Echoes of laughter and screams,
This house has a life and it teems.

Medium Poems

Dreadful dreams that haunt my sleep,
Phantoms lurking in the deep.
Eerie whispers in my ear,
Filling me with doubt and fear.

As I toss and turn in bed,
Demons dance inside my head.
Paralyzed with terror’s grip,
I close my eyes and bite my lip.

For when the morning light shines through,
I’ll wake up scared and feeling blue.
But until then, I’m in their grasp,
Caught up in a nightmare’s clasp.

The Dark Forest
Lost in the woods so deep and dark,
Where shadows move and creatures hark.
The branches groan and leaves do rustle,
As through the thicket I must hustle.

The moon is gone, the stars are dim,
My fears and doubts begin to swim.
The forest floor beneath my feet,
Creeps and crawls with things to eat.

The trees loom large, their bark so rough,
I hear the wolves let out a rough.
And as the night goes on and on,
I pray for help before the dawn.

The House of Horror
Creaking stairs and doors that slam,
A chilling air I can’t withstand.
The walls are lined with cobwebs old,
And shadows flicker, cruel and cold.

The clock ticks out a mournful tune,
I feel like I’m alone in a tomb.
The curtains move, but there’s no breeze,
And I hear whispers on the breeze.

The floorboards creak, the windows creak,
It’s all so eerie, so unique.
I want to leave, but can’t find the door,
I’m trapped in a house of horror.

Long Poems

The Haunting of the Old Manor House

The old manor house stands tall and proud,
But something here is not allowed,
For though the gardens bloom and shine,
A feeling of dread runs down your spine.

The doors creak open of their own accord,
And footsteps echo on the creaking boards,
Shadows flit where there’s no light,
And whispers haunt the halls at night.

The air is thick with an eerie mist,
And something in the darkness hissed,
The walls close in, the floorboards shake,
As some unseen force begins to wake.

In the attic, where cobwebs cling,
A music box begins to sing,
But there’s no hand to turn the key,
Just the sound of ghostly melody.

A figure in white drifts down the stairs,
A haunting vision that no one dares,
To face alone, in the dark of night,
For fear that it may take them from sight.

The coldness touches your very soul,
As you try to leave, lose control,
Of everything that you hold dear,
As the old manor house draws near.

For once you have stepped inside,
You become forever tied,
To the spirits that dwell within,
And the haunting that will always begin.

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