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Homely Poetry: Discover the Comforts of Home Through Heartfelt Verses

Welcome Home to Our Poems of Love and Life

Welcome to the cozy corner of 1LovePoems, where we celebrate the warm and fuzzy feeling of “Home.” Whether it’s about the brick and mortar structure or the feeling of belonging, we have a range of poems to resonate with your spirit. From sweet sonnets about family dinners to heart-wrenching verses about broken homes, get ready to feel all the feels. Buckle up and get lost in the lyrical world of poems about homes!

Short Poems

1. Cozy Cottage
Cozy cottage in the woods
Tucked away from all the shoulds
A place to rest and call my own
A sanctuary I have grown

2. Ocean View
Endless ocean, blue and vast
Waves crashing, moving fast
Peaceful silence, salty air
All my worries disappear

3. City High-rise
Up above the city lights
Busy people in their nights
Rushing, hustling, getting by
A world beneath, a soaring sight

4. Desert Dunes
Sandy desert, scorched and bright
Dunes that stretch beyond my sight
A peaceful haven, void of man
An untouched world, God’s own plan

Medium Poems

1. “A House of Memories”
A house holds more than walls and floors,
It’s memories we keep in store,
Each room holds stories to behold,
Pictures, trinkets, treasures to unfold.

The front door that’s seen so many come and go,
The kitchen where laughter and love does flow,
The living room where we gathered round,
To share stories and joys we found.

The bedrooms where we rest our heads,
And lay down our worries and daily threads,
Each nook and cranny holds a tale,
Of the family and friends that we regale.

A house of memories, we’ll never forget,
A treasure trove of life, our own vignette.

2. “My Humble Abode”
My humble abode, a place of solace,
Where quiet comforts, soul and body polish,
With gentle light and calm serenity,
I lose myself in its sweet tranquility.

The walls embrace me with loving arms,
Soothe my fears and my alarms,
My refuge from weather and the storm,
I know I’m always safe and warm.

Each corner, filled with my favorite things,
My books, my music, my memories bring,
I curl up with my thoughts and dreams,
And let peace wash over me, it seems.

My humble abode is small, but true,
It’s where I’m happy, content and new,
My heart’s in the middle of this humble place,
I know I’ll always have a warm embrace.

3. “The House on the Hill”
Up on the hill, a house so grand,
A sight to behold, quite unplanned,
A symphony of colors, beauty, light,
The world’s a painter’s palette, in full sight.

The garden, lush with blooms and growth,
A bower of peace, a breeze, and hope,
A haven for creatures, big and small,
A joy for the eyes, a surreal conferral.

The façade of the house, stately and bold,
The entrance, an invitation, brave and bold,
The threshold, a portal, to a world away,
A journey of wonder, come what may.

The rooms inside, spacious and bright,
The furniture, a story, told just right,
The curtains, the shades, the lovely light,
A symphony of splendor, out of sight.

Up on the hill, a house so grand,
A wonder to behold, for all to understand,
A piece of heaven, a jewel in the crow,
The house on the hill, a glimpse of the sublime glow.

Long Poems


I have seen homes in different shapes and forms,
Some as simple as straw and mud,
Others as grand as towering norms,
But every one, a place of love and blood.

In a forest deep, a tribe’s home,
Just sticks and leaves, no fancy dome,
Yet, warmth in every crack and corner,
A family’s love making everything warmer.

On the desert floor, under the sun,
A tent made of camel skin and spun,
Shelter from the scorching heat,
The family’s haven, no less sweet.

A lone hut on a mountaintop,
Weathered by storms, no time to stop,
A shepherd’s refuge from the cold,
His flock within, memories untold.

The village huts, by the river’s edge,
A neighborhood of life amidst the sedge,
Laughter and songs, families abound,
The river, the lifeline, their joy profound.

As I walk the streets of the city sprawling,
Sky-high buildings, a sight appalling,
But within, homes that steal my heart,
Families and friends never far apart.

From the mansions of the affluent few,
To the condos stacked, a modern view,
All a place of love and care,
A family’s secrets, no less rare.

Across the seas, in a distant land,
A culture so different, yet grand.
A house of bamboo on stilts,
Life on the river, the family’s trysts.

In our world of towering steel and brick,
Where time is money and life is quick,
Homes remain our sanctuaries,
A place of peace and cherished memories.

For no palace can ever compare,
To the love and warmth found there,
Home is where your heart belongs,
A place where every family throngs.

So, let us cherish what we have,
Appreciate the love, and the memories we’ve carved,
For a home is much more than mere walls,
It’s where life’s greatest blessings fall.

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