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Captured by Fate: Poems About Prisoners – 1LovePoems

Locked in Chains: Poems of Imprisonment and Freedom

Welcome to the world of poetry where words convey emotions that can’t be expressed any other way. Here at 1LovePoems, we bring you a collection of heartfelt poems that shed light on the lives of prisoners. From the bars that hold them back to the hope that keeps them going, our range of poems on this topic will resonate with you on a deeper level. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and be prepared to experience the world from a new perspective where even confinement can’t hold back the power of the human spirit.

Short Poems

1. “Caged Bird’s Song”
Trapped behind metal bars,
The caged bird sings of freedom.
Escape in its heart,
But reality weighs heavy.

2. “Incarcerated Dreams”
Dreams of a different life,
Haunt the prisoner’s mind.
Wishing for a second chance,
To leave past mistakes behind.

3. “Locked Away”
Away from the outside world,
Days blend into years.
The prisoner ponders the cost,
Of their actions and their tears.

4. “Hope in the Dark”
In the darkness of the cell,
A glimmer of hope remains.
The prisoner refuses to give up,
Their determination unchained.

Medium Poems

1. “The Empty Cell”
Within these walls I sit and dwell,
A captive to my own mistake,
Days pass by in a living hell,
My soul and spirit start to break.

The emptiness inside my heart,
Reflects the bleakness of my cell,
I cannot bear to be apart,
From the things I love so well.

But still I rise each day anew,
With hope and faith held close in mind,
That one day I’ll be free to do,
The things I’ve longed for all this time.

2. “The Injustice of It All”
The irony of my fate,
Is the very thing that stings,
For I did not commit the crime,
Yet here I am, bound and tied by strings.

The weight of this injustice,
Is too much for me to bear,
The truth is lost in all the fuss,
And I’m left with this despair.

I see the suffering of those around,
And know that it’s not just me,
The system is flawed, and it’s profound,
How it fails us all quite miserably.

But still I hope, and pray each night,
That someday things will turn out right.

3. “The Price I Paid”
I sit and reminisce at times,
Of all the things that brought me here,
The choices made, the foolish crimes,
The price I paid, it’s all so clear.

I rue the day I made that choice,
To take what wasn’t mine to take,
I tried to run, I had no voice,
The price I paid was my mistake.

And yet what’s done is done, I know,
And I must face the fact each day,
That I’m a prisoner, with nothing to show,
For all the things that went astray.

But still I hold on to the hope,
That someday I’ll be free once more,
And make amends, and learn to cope,
With all I’ve lost and all I’ve bore.

Long Poems

Through Barred Eyes

Behind these bars, I reside
A prisoner, trapped and denied
Freedom, a luxury I can’t afford
As I live in this cell, ignored

Days turn into weeks, weeks into years
Time passes slowly, my only companion – tears
My mind plays tricks on me, I go insane
Pain is my reality, pleasure but a stain

I reminisce about my life before
The mistakes I made, the choices I ignored
If only I could turn back time
And undo the crimes that landed me in this bind

But regrets won’t set me free
I am condemned to live in misery
I watch the world through a narrow slot
Unable to touch, feel or embrace, I am but a robot

Sometimes I hear laughter, sometimes I hear screams
I imagine the life outside, a life of dreams
But reality hits hard, a stark reminder
My life is here, inside these four walls, in a restricted parameter

Freedom, I wonder what it means
A word so simple, but so distant it seems
A word that holds weight, beyond measure
A word that could grant me, a life of pleasure

But here I am, a prisoner through and through
Living a life, in a world that is askew
My fate was sealed, with every wrong turn I took
And now I live it, through barred eyes, like an open book.

The end.

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