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Leaving the Past Behind: Poems About Moving On

Moving on can be a difficult and painful process, but it is also an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. These poems explore the emotions and experiences of letting go and moving forward in life.


Short Poems About Moving On

Poem 1:

“The past is a weight on my shoulders,
A burden I’ve carried for far too long.
But now I’m ready to let it go,
And move on to where I belong.”

Poem 2:

“I thought I knew what love was,
But it left me broken and sore.
Now I’m picking up the pieces,
And closing that door.”

Poem 3:

“The memories linger,
A sweet pain in my heart.
But it’s time to make new ones,
And let the old depart.”

Poem 4:

“I’m leaving behind the hurt,
The betrayal and the lies.
I’m finding my own strength,
And reaching for the skies.”

Poem 5:

“The road ahead is uncertain,
But I will not fear.
I’ll put one foot in front of the other,
And bring my future here.”

Poem 6:

“I’ve said goodbye to yesterday,
And all that it held.
Now I’m ready for tomorrow,
With an open heart and an open field.”

Poem 7:

“I’m not the same person I was,
Before the pain and the tears.
I’ve grown and changed and learned,
And now my future is clear.”


Long Poems About Moving On

1) “The Journey of Moving On”

The journey of moving on, is a road, unknown,
A path, that’s filled, with twists and turns, alone.

The heart aches, and the tears fall,
As we let go, of what once was, and all.

But as we walk, down this road, of pain,
We learn, that we’re stronger, than we’ve been.

The journey of moving on, is a test, of time,
But in the end, we’ll find, a new light, to shine.

2) “The Freedom of Moving On”

The freedom of moving on, is a feeling, that’s hard to describe,
A sense of liberation, that comes, with letting go, of the ties.

The past is behind us, and the future is bright,
A new chapter, that’s waiting, to be written, with might.

The freedom of moving on, is a reminder, that life goes on,
And that we have the power to shape it, with our own song.

3) “The Strength of Moving On”

The strength of moving on, is a quiet power,
A force, that’s born, in the darkest hour.

The heart may break, and the tears may flow,
But the strength of moving on, will help us to go.

It’s the courage, to face the unknown,
And the determination, to not be thrown.

The strength of moving on, is within us all,
A power, that will help us, to stand tall.

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