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Lies and Betrayal: Poems About Deceit and Dishonesty

The Deceitful Tongue: Poems About Liars and Their Betrayal

Welcome to our collection of poems about liars! We all know someone who’s a little too skilled at bending the truth. Well, these poems are for them (and maybe a little for ourselves, too). From humorous jabs at small fibs to serious reflections on betrayal, this page will have a range of poems about liars. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let the truths (and lies) of these poems sink in.

Short Poems

1. “Deception”
Lying tongue, deceitful heart,
Words that split and tear apart,
A mask that hides the truth within,
A game that no one can win.

2. “Fabricator”
Liar, liar, pants on fire,
Creating stories to inspire,
A web of lies so intricate,
Truth impossible to excavate.

3. “Shades of Truth”
Truth and lies in shades of grey,
Misleading words that lead astray,
Hiding secrets, avoiding facts,
A tangled web that truth detracts.

4. “The Truth Will Out”
Lies may hide, but truth will out,
No matter how hard one may shout,
The consequences will be dear,
Honesty is always sincere.

Medium Poems

Tangled Webs
Lies upon lies,
Tangled webs we weave,
Hiding the truth,
Trying to deceive.

But what does it gain,
To live in deceit?
Only more lies,
Until we can’t retreat.

The truth will come out,
No matter how we try,
Our lies unravel,
And we cannot deny.

So be honest and true,
And speak from your heart,
Life is simpler,
When we tell truth from the start.

The Snake in the Grass
A snake in the grass,
Concealed by the leaves,
It slithers and wriggles,
And tricks us to believe.

It coils and it strikes,
In the blink of an eye,
We never see coming,
Its venomous lies.

But be wary and watchful,
Of the serpents that hide,
For only the truth,
Brings peace to our minds.

The False Prophet
The false prophet speaks,
With eloquent tongue,
Promising riches,
To the old and young.

But his words are empty,
And his heart is dark,
He preys on the weak,
And leaves them in the dark.

Don’t be fooled by his charm,
Or his silver tongue,
For the truth is the light,
That cannot be undone.

Long Poems

Tangled Webs

Lying lips, deceitful tongue,
Weaving tangled webs unsung,
Spinning tales to hide the truth
From those they hurt with every sleuth.

Promising a bright tomorrow,
But delivering only hollow
Words that mask a darker scheme
To shatter dreams and burst the seams

Of trust we placed in their embrace,
A mask of falsehood on their face,
They charm and lure us with their lies,
Their hidden motives and disguise.

And as we grasp to understand
The depths of their deceitful hand,
We find our faith in humankind
Shaken, shattered, left behind.

For liars leave a trail of grief,
A hidden cost beyond belief,
As we untangle every strand
Of falsehood sown across the land.

And yet, we must not lose the hope
That truth will shine, help us to cope,
With those who seek to twist and bend
The facts to serve their selfish end.

For in the end, we’ll all be judged
By what we’ve done, by what we’ve grudged,
By how we’ve chosen to live our lives,
And how we’ve sought to leave behind

A legacy of honesty,
Of integrity and loyalty,
Of trust that binds us hand in hand,
And helps us build a better land.

So let us strive to be the ones
Who shine like stars, like beaming suns,
Who choose the path of truth and light,
And banish falsehood from our sight.

And as we journey through this life
Amidst the struggles and the strife,
Let us remember this one thing,
The power of truth can make us sing.

So let us sing with all our might,
And let our souls take flight,
Embracing honesty and grace,
And leaving liars in their place.

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