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Betrayed Hearts: Poems About Infidelity

Broken Promises, Shattered Hearts: Poems About Infidelity

Welcome to our page on Poems About Infidelity, where we explore the darker side of love and relationships. We have compiled a range of poems that capture the pain, anger, and betrayal experienced in the aftermath of infidelity. From sonnets to haikus, our collection features works that convey the complexities and deep-seated emotions involved in cheating. So grab a tissue and get ready to feel all the feels as you dive into our selection of poems on infidelity. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you shed a tear or two.

Short Poems

Poem #1:
I gave you my trust,
But you broke it with a lustful thrust.
You promised to be loyal
But instead you left me in turmoil.

Poem #2:
Infidelity is a sin
Now I’m left with a heart caving in.
Regrets and guilt consuming me
With lost love that can never be.

Poem #3:
Heartache and sorrow
From the betrayal I must swallow.
You were my world, my heart, my life
Now I’m left with pain, hurt, and strife.

Poem #4:
Though pain and hurt may never mend
I’ll trust in God to be my friend.
Forgiveness, love, and grace I’ll give
To move on, to heal, to live.

Medium Poems

The Betrayal

You called me your only love
Yet you sought another’s touch
Your words were all but lies
As you shattered my heart with your vice

I trusted you with all I had
But your infidelity hit me so bad
All the laughs and memories we had
Now seem like a fleeting mirage

You had the chance to make it right
But instead you chose to hide in the night
Our love story has come to an end
Thanks to your infidelity, my heart won’t bend

The Other Woman

I was the other woman in your life
But loving you has caused so much strife
Neither of us came out unscathed
As your love for us constantly wavered

How could I trust a man like you?
When his heart was never true
The pleasure with you is never enough
As the pain of losing you feels too rough

You played us both like a fiddle
Your lies and sweet talk quickly dwindled
Now it’s time for me to walk away
As I heal from the wounds you caused to this very day

The Fool

I was the fool you played with
A pawn in your game of deceit
Believing every word that you said
But it seems your love for me was dead

I never saw it coming;
Your infidelity left me feeling nothing
The pain of your betrayal has left a mark
A scar that will haunt me forever in the dark

I thought you were the one I could trust
But your love was just a flimsy rust
Now I must pick up the pieces you broke
As I move on from the lies you spoke.

Long Poems

The Betrayer’s Heart

Amidst the shadows of the night,
The truth of my love comes to light,
I stand here, a shattered soul,
Betrayed by my own heart’s goal.

The allure of her beauty,
Drew me in with its profanity,
My love for her, a whirlwind of fate,
Blinded me from my lover’s state.

I told myself it was just a phase,
That I would overcome my love’s blaze,
But every time I try to flee,
Her enchantment calls back to me.

My lover’s eyes, filled with tears,
I know I caused her deepest fears,
Every time I lay with another,
I feel my heart tearing asunder.

I am the betrayer, the cheater,
A flame that has set love asunder,
My heart aches with every lie,
As I see my lover’s love slowly die.

I know not how to make amends,
For my love’s betrayal never ends,
I ask for her forgiveness,
Hoping she’ll help me overcome my weakness.

My love, I know I have erred,
My actions have left you hurt and scared,
Please know that I love you still,
And will try to heal your heart’s chill.

The Betrayer’s Heart forever stained,
By the pain and hurt that it has caused,
May my love and yours, forever be,
Our unbreakable bond, no other can take it from me.

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