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Poems About Fear

Welcome to our collection of poems about fear. Fear is a universal emotion that can take many forms, from the fear of failure to the fear of the unknown. These poems explore the different facets of fear and how it can shape our lives.


1. “The Fear Within”

Deep within my mind it lies,
A fear I cannot deny.
It grips me in its icy hold,
And makes my heart grow cold.

I try to push it far away,
But it always finds its way.
It whispers in my ear at night,
And fills my days with blight.

But I will not let it win,
I’ll fight it with my all.
For though it may be strong,
I am stronger still.

2. “The Fear of Falling”

I stand at the edge of the cliff,
And look down at the sea.
The water is so far below,
And the wind is whipping free.

I feel the fear start to rise,
As I contemplate the fall.
But then I take a deep breath,
And take the leap after all.

For the fear of falling,
Is not as bad as the fear of not trying.

3. “The Fear of the Dark”

In the dark, my mind races,
With thoughts of what might be.
I try to shake the fear,
But it clings to me like a leech.

I close my eyes and count to ten,
But the darkness is still there.
I reach for the light switch,
But it’s not to be found anywhere.

But then I remember,
The darkness can’t hurt me.
It’s just the unknown,
And I’ll find my way through eventually.

4. “The Fear of Losing”

I hold on tight,
To what I fear to lose.
But the tighter I grip,
The more it slips away from me.

I try to control,
But it’s out of my hands.
I realize then,
That I must let go and take a stand.

For the fear of losing,
Is not as bad as the fear of never trying.


5. “The Fear Within”

The fear within me grows,
A constant battle to be fought,
It clouds my mind and flows,
A heavy weight to be caught.

It grips my heart with icy claws,
And steals my breath away,
It makes me feel so small,
And pushes me to sway.

But I won’t let it win,
I’ll face it head on,
For though it may begin,
I’ll rise until it’s gone.


6.The Fear of Failure”

The fear of failure looms,
A shadow cast on all I do,
It makes me question my worth,
And causes my dreams to skew.

It whispers in my ear,
That I’m not good enough,
That I’ll never be a success,
And my efforts will be tough.

But I’ll push on through the fear,
And strive for all I’m worth,
For even though it may be near,
I’ll prove to it that I’m not just a mere.


7. “The Fear of the Unknown”

The fear of the unknown creeps,
A chill down my spine,
It makes me question my steps,
And causes doubts to align.

It tells me to turn back,
And play it safe,
But I’ll push through the attack,
And take the road less paved.

For though the unknown may be scary,
It’s where growth and change reside,
And I’ll face it head on, steady,
For that is where my true self resides.

8.”The Fear of Being Alone”

The fear of being alone,
Echoes through my mind,
It makes me question my own,
And leaves me feeling confined.

It tells me that I’ll never find,
Someone to understand,
But I’ll leave this fear behind,
And reach out for a hand.

For even in the darkest night,
There’s always a star to guide,
And I’ll keep holding on tight,
Until I find my other side.

9.”The Fear of Change”

The fear of change grips me,
A vice that won’t let go,
It makes me question my destiny,
And the path that I must know.

It tells me to stay the same,
And not to take a chance,
But I’ll break through this chain,
And let my wings expand.

For change may be scary,
But it brings growth and new light,
And I’ll face it head on, not wary,
For I know it will make my future bright.

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