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The Beauty of Commitment

Engagement is a symbol of love and commitment, a promise to spend the rest of your life together. It’s a time of joy, excitement, and hope for the future. In this collection of poems, we explore the beauty and significance of engagement and the love it represents.


Short Poems About Engagement


1. “The Proposal”
Down on one knee,
Heart beating fast,
A ring held tight,
A question asked.

2. “The Beginning”
A new chapter starts,
With a ring on the finger,
Love in our hearts,
Our future to linger.

3. “The Promise”
A vow to love,
A promise to keep,
Through joy and tears,
Our love will not sleep.

4. “The Future”
A lifetime to spend,
With the one I adore,
Together we’ll build,
A love that will soar.

5. “The Love”
A heart full of love,
For the one I call mine,
I’ll love you forever,
You’ll always be mine

6. “The Engagement”
A ring on the finger,
A promise to keep,
A love that will grow,
Forever to keep.

7. “The Commitment”
With this ring,
I promise to be,
Yours forever,
For all eternity.


Long Poems About Engagement


A ring on my finger, a promise to keep
A love that will last, a future so deep
A bond between two hearts, a love so true
An engagement, a start of something new

A kiss on the cheek, a moment so sweet
A love that is pure, a love that is neat
A commitment to each other, a promise to share
An engagement, a love that is truly rare

A smile on our faces, a joy in our hearts
A love that will last, a love that will never depart
A bond that is unbreakable, a love that is true
An engagement, a start of a life anew

A ring on my finger, a symbol of love
A promise to cherish, and to hold above
A commitment to forever, a love so pure
An engagement, a start that will always endure

A kiss on the lips, a moment so true
A love that is strong, a love that will never be blue
A bond that is unbreakable, a love that will last
An engagement, a memory that will forever be cast.

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