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Drugs: A Tragic Love Affair – Poems on Addiction and Substance Abuse

Highs and Lows: Poems About the Complexities of Drugs

Welcome to our collection of poems about drugs! Here at 1LovePoems, we believe in exploring all facets of life through poetry, and that includes the topic of drugs. From the highs to the lows, these poems capture the various emotions and experiences that come with drug use. Whether you’ve had your own experiences with drugs or know someone who has, you’ll find a range of perspectives and themes in this collection. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these poems that are both thought-provoking and moderately witty.

Short Poems

1. “Craving”
My mind is racing, my heart is pounding,
I can’t resist the urge that’s mounting.
My body aches for just one hit,
This craving, I can never quit.

2. “High”
As I inhale and feel the rush,
My senses numb, my thoughts do hush.
The world around me fades away,
In my own euphoric display.

3. “Withdrawal”
Days without, my body shakes,
The cold sweat drips, my spirit breaks.
I long for something to make it stop,
This painful craving, it takes its toll.

4. “The Cost”
The price I pay for temporary bliss,
A hit for a moment of amiss.
Lost relationships, a shattered life,
The cost of drugs, it cuts like a knife.

Medium Poems

Lost in Smoke
Up in smoke, goes my mind
Drifting away, leaving behind
All the worries, all the pain
Lost in smoke, once again

Dreading what tomorrow brings
But for now, this feeling clings
Weightless, floating on a cloud
All the noise fades, without a sound

Blissfully unaware of time
Living in a world, oh so sublime
But soon enough, reality calls
Trapping me in its rough claws

And so I light up once more
Losing myself, like the times before
Building a prison, with every puff
Trapping myself in this endless rough

The Needle’s Kiss

A needle’s point, so sharp and thin
A whisper of a kiss, a venomous sin
Piercing my skin, as I let it in
A liquid fire, my new kin

A rush of euphoria, a fleeting high
Everything fades, I say goodbye
To the pain, to the suffering
My thoughts and senses, buffering

But soon enough, it wears off
Leaving behind, a burning cough
The emptiness, the cold embrace
And the cravings, as they soon replace

The needle calls, its seductive show
An addiction, that soon takes its toll
Destroying all, without a care
Leaving me in the shadows, of despair

Dancing with Death

A dance with death, a song so sweet
A slow embrace, my final defeat
The room starts to spin, as I take a seat
The poison takes over, with every beat

A dance of sorrow, a dance of pain
Lost in the rhythm, I can’t abstain
My partner, the scythe, grips me tight
As I sway and twist, in the fading light

The music draws out, its final note
My heart slows down, as I start to bloat
I look down, and notice my coat
Pierced with holes, the signs of my vote

And so my dance, with death is done
My time has come, my race is run
The party’s over, the lights all gone
As I leave, my last breath drawn.

Long Poems

Substance Abuse: A Tragic Tale

I’ve heard it said that drugs can be a source of pleasure,
But for those who fall into addiction, it’s a different measure.
What starts as a fleeting high or moment of escape,
Can soon become a prison, with no visible way to escape.

At first, it feels like a way to cope with the stress of life,
A temporary respite from the constant strife.
The world around us seems a little brighter, more colorful,
As if we’ve been given a secret key to unlock the impossible.

But soon enough, it’s the drug that has control,
It dictates our actions, our thoughts, our goals.
We’re no longer living, we’re surviving day by day,
Cut off from the real world, in a haze of decay.

The drug becomes our world, our reason to exist,
We’ll do anything to score, anything to resist.
The bonds of friendship and love slowly erode,
As we become more isolated, wrapped in our own code.

We take more and more, searching for that old feeling,
But nothing can match that first hit, that first revealing.
Our bodies suffer, the damage is done,
And slowly but surely, our addiction has won.

We’re no longer individuals, just a shell of who we were,
A casualty of substance abuse, no longer pure.
Our families mourn, our friends think we’ve lost all control,
And we’re left picking up the pieces, wounded and full of holes.

So, I implore you, don’t let drugs take hold,
Don’t let temptation strip away your soul.
For in the end, the price is simply too great,
And nothing can replace the life you’ll have to recreate.

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