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Experience the power of breath with these poetic musings

Breathing is an essential aspect of life, it is the rhythm of our body, the beat of our heart, and the connection to our mind. These poems capture the different aspects of breathing, from the physical to the emotional, and the impact it has on our wellbeing. Read on to be transported to the world of breath and let your awareness be heightened.



Short Poems About Breathing


Breathing in, the air fills my lungs
Breathing out, my body hums
The rise and fall of my chest
A reminder of the present, the best

Breathing in, I inhale the peace
Breathing out, I exhale the release
The calmness in my mind
A reminder of the balance, to find

Breathing in, I inhale the strength
Breathing out, I exhale the length
The power in my body
A reminder of the capability, to be free

Breathing in, I inhale the love
Breathing out, I exhale the dove
The warmth in my heart
A reminder of the connection, to start.”



Long Poems About Breathing



Breathing in, I fill my lungs
With the sweet scent of the earth
Breathing out, I release
All the worries and the hurt

Inhale the peace, exhale the pain
With each breath, a new beginning
In this moment, I am free
My mind and body are forgiving


The rhythm of my breath
A steady beat in my chest
A reminder of life’s constant flow
And the present moment’s rest

With every inhale, I take in the world
And with every exhale, I let go
Breathing, a simple yet powerful act
Connecting me to the ebb and flow


The breath of life, a precious gift
A constant companion on my journey
Guiding me through the highs and lows
And helping me find my way and clarity

The breath, a reminder of the present
A connection to the world around
Breathe deeply and be alive
In the peace and joy that it surrounds.


Breathing is vital for our body and mind and it’s something we often take for granted. It’s a powerful tool for relaxation, focus and mindfulness, reminding us of the present moment and connecting us to ourselves and the world around us.

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