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Poems About Birds

Short Poems About Birds


  1. “The chirping bird, so small and bright, Sings songs of joy from morning light, Its tiny wings, they flutter fast, Soaring high above the grass.
  2. “The hawk up high, it scans the ground, Searching for prey, with eyes so round, It swoops and dives, with grace and speed, A master of the sky, it takes the lead.
  3. “The gentle dove, with feathers white, Brings peace and love, a beautiful sight, It coos and coos, with a soft and sweet, A symbol of hope, it cannot be beat.
  4. “The colorful parrot, with feathers so bold, Shines like a rainbow, a sight to behold, It chatters and chatters, with a voice so clear, A joy to hear, it brings cheer.
  5. “The graceful swan, with neck so long, Glides through the water, with a gentle song, It’s beauty and grace, they never fade, A true work of art, it’s a serene parade.”



Long Poem About Birds


“Birds of a feather, they flock together, In the sky, they fly, in all kinds of weather, Some are small, some are large, But all are beautiful, a wondrous barge.

With wings so strong, they lift and soar, Up above the trees, they never bore, They sing and chirp, a melodic sound, Their songs of joy, they spread around.

From the graceful swan, with neck so long, To the colorful parrot, with feathers so strong, The hawk up high, it scans the ground, The gentle dove, with wings so round.

They all have a place, in the great big sky, A world of wonder, they never shy, So let’s take a moment, to stop and see, The beauty of birds, they’re wild and free.”

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