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Number Writing Poems

From 1 to Infinity, Express your Love with our Number Writing Poems

Welcome to our page on Number Writing Poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we believe that numbers can be just as romantic as words. From counting the moments spent together to the number of times your heart beats for your loved one, there are endless opportunities for numerical expressions of love. So, take a seat and get ready to be swept away by a range of poems on this fascinating topic. Don’t worry if math isn’t your forte, these poems will make you fall in love with numbers in no time.

Short Poems

1. Counting Sheep

One, two, three sheep,
Jumping over the fence so steep,
Eyes close and dreams start to creep,
As I drift off to a peaceful sleep.

2. The Number Line

From zero to ten, the number line,
Each digit unique, yet they intertwine,
Mathematical magic, a world so divine,
Numbers are the language that’s universally fine.

3. Adding Up

One plus one is two,
Simple addition, nothing new,
As we grow, equations accrue,
Adding up life’s moments, all overdue.

4. A Million Pieces

Jigsaw puzzles, a million pieces,
Sorting by color, matching creases,
Patience is key, and focus unleashes,
A satisfying finish, as the final piece reaches.

Medium Poems

A Hundred Times Over

A hundred times over,
I’ll write your name down.
For every moment we shared,
In every smile and frown.

From laughter in the sunlight,
To tears in the rain,
I’ll hold close each memory,
And never forget our pain.

For love is not just the good,
But also the bad and the tough.
And through it all, I know,
Our bond will always be enough.

So I’ll write your name down,
A hundred times over.
And cherish the moments we had,
Forever and ever.

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite possibilities,
With every number we write.
From simple addition,
To equations complex and bright.

Each symbol and figure,
Holds a new world to explore.
From formulas in physics,
To geometry we adore.

The joy of mathematics,
Is found in every line.
A beautiful puzzle to solve,
With answers that always shine.

And as I write each digit,
I’m reminded of the power,
That comes from numbers and math,
And their infinite possibility dower.

Long Poems

A Thousand Words

A number is just a digit, a symbol short and thin
But it holds such power, it’s where the stories begin

One to ten, they’re the building blocks, the start of every tale
They give us quantity and size, they never seem to fail

Eleven to twenty, they pick up speed, they’re where the plot unfolds
They can measure time and distance, they’re the things that we behold

A hundred, a thousand, they’re the epicenter of our speech
The weight of their importance, is in every soul we teach

A million, a billion, the numbers that we can’t conceive
The ones that bring us wonder, the ones that make us believe

The speed of light, the distance to the moon, the temperature of the sun
All measured by the digits that we use, when we speak of what’s begun

And so we write with numbers, we paint our world with them too
They’re the language that we use to show, what we feel to be true

From small to large, they are the little things that make us whole
They fill our hearts with wonder, and they inspire us to goal

And in a world of numbers, where there’s always more to see
We can only hope that our story, will launch us to eternity.

Numbers Dance

Counting one by one,
Numbers start to fun.
Two and three join the crowd,
A rhythm that’s loud.

Four and five come in haste,
As they move with grace.
Six and seven add to the show,
Dancing to and fro.

Eight and nine follow the cue,
As they swirl in twos.
Ten joins in and takes the lead,
As the numbers pay heed.

Eleven and twelve clap and cheer,
As the dance moves near.
Thirteen and fourteen jump in glee,
As the count reaches fifteen with glee.

Sixteen and seventeen groove to the beat,
As they tap their feet.
Eighteen and nineteen swing and sway,
As the stage lights up with a colorful display.

Twenty leads the grand finale,
As the dance reaches its pinnacle.
All numbers join in the grand formation,
As they end the dance with a joyful sensation.

The numbers danced with such delight,
A true celebration of the numerical might.
A mesmerizing sight for all to see,
As they moved in perfect harmony.

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