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School’s Out: Last Days Poems for 1LovePoems

Turning the Page: Poems for the Last Days of School

As the school year comes to a close, we know many of you are feeling a mix of emotions – excitement for summer and sadness for saying goodbye to friends and teachers. To help you express those feelings, we’ve curated a collection of Last Days of School Poems on 1LovePoems. From silly rhymes to heartfelt verses, we’ve got a range of poems to capture your unique experience. So take a break from studying for finals and peruse our selection – who knows, you might just find the perfect words to include in your end-of-year yearbook message.

Short Poems

1. “Summer Dreams”
School is almost over,
Summer is so near.
Daydreams of sunshine, beaches,
And time with friends so dear.
The last days of school are like
A countdown to the fun,
With endless adventures waiting,
Until the summer’s done.

2. “Class of 20__”
The final year is ending,
The last class bell will ring.
We’ve reached the finish line,
The diploma’s the real thing!
We gathered all together,
As a class for one last time.
Our future’s bright and endless,
We’re leaving school behind.

3. “Goodbye, Teacher”
The teacher that we had this year,
Was one that we won’t soon forget.
The knowledge that she gave to us,
We’ll carry with us as we set
Out on this journey of our lives,
We’ll always think of her with pride,
As someone who inspired us,
To become all that we can inside.

4. “Endless Summers”
The last days of school are here,
But summer is just beginning.
We plan for long and lazy days
In the sun, with no thought of winning.
The days are long, the beach is warm,
And freedom’s in the air.
We’ll never forget the last days of school,
And the summers that we’ll always share.

Medium Poems

1. The End Is Near

The end is near, we can feel it in the air,
The final days of school are drawing near,
Books are closing, pencils put away with care,
Excitement building, ready to cheer.

No more tests or homework to complete,
No more waking up at the crack of dawn,
Sleeping in, time to relax and retreat,
The end of the school year, a new dawn.

Goodbye to teachers, classmates and friends,
Memories made that will last forever,
Summer adventures just around the bend,
The end of the school year, a time to treasure.

2. Summer Calling

Summer calling, waving us outside,
Beckoning us to come out and play,
No more sitting in classrooms, confined,
Time to enjoy the sun’s warm rays.

Days filled with bike rides and ice cream,
Nights spent catching fireflies in jars,
No more homework or rigid routines,
Just a summer full of endless stars.

Let’s swim in the pool and splash with glee,
Build sandcastles by the ocean shore,
Take long walks, feel the grass beneath our feet,
This summer, let’s make memories galore.

3. The End Beckons

The end beckons, calling us forth,
A new chapter about to begin,
Leaving behind what was once our north,
Starting anew, a chance to win.

The future is bright, full of endless possibilities,
Opportunities waiting around every bend,
The end of school, the start of new abilities,
Excitement building, ready to ascend.

We take with us the knowledge we’ve gained,
The lessons learned and friendships made,
The end of school, a stepping stone attained,
A bright future ahead, with no time to delay.

Long Poems

The Final Bell

The final bell rings,
Signalling the end of an era.
No more pencils or papers,
No more teachers or lectures,
No more stress or assignments,
No more rules or schedules.

As we gather our things,
We can’t help but feel bittersweet.
We say goodbye to the hallways,
To the lockers and the seats.
We leave behind the memories,
The good times and the bad.

But we take with us the lessons,
The knowledge that we’ve gained.
We take with us the friendships,
The connections that remained.
We take with us the skills,
The tools that we have honed.

As we walk out the doors,
We know we’ll miss this place.
The memories we’ve made,
The people we’ve embraced.
But we look forward to the future,
To the adventures that await.

The final bell has rung,
But our journey continues on.
We’ll take on new challenges,
We’ll make new friends and bonds.
Though we say goodbye for now,
We’ll carry our school with us always.

So here’s to the final bell,
To the end of this chapter.
We’ll never forget the moments,
The ones that brought us laughter.
As we step into the world,
We know we’ll do just fine.
The final bell has rung,
But it’s not the end of the line.

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