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Japanese Death Poems – Hauntingly Beautiful Final Words from the Land of the Rising Sun

Embracing Mortality: The Haunting Beauty of Japanese Death Poems

Looking for a unique way to contemplate mortality? Look no further than our collection of Japanese Death Poems. These ancient poems written by Zen monks on the brink of death are both haunting and beautiful. From poignant reflections on life to humorous musings on the afterlife, our selection has you covered. So, take a moment to delve into the profound and find solace in the wisdom of those who have come before. And remember, even in death, there is poetry.

Short Poems

1. Silent Sakura
Falling petals,
Gracefully embracing ground,
Life ends in beauty.

2. The Last Breath
Fading away,
Hopelessly gasping for air,
End comes peacefully.

3. On the Horizon
Sunsetting sky,
Fading into endless night,
Death awaits us all.

4. The Eternal Rest
Deep, dreamless sleep,
Laying still, forevermore,
Resting in peace.

Medium Poems

1. “Autumn Leaves”

Falling, falling,
Red and gold and brown.
My time has come,
As leaves must fall to ground.

2. “In the Cherry Blossom Grove”

Pink blooms falling,
Dancing in the breeze.
Life is fleeting,
But beauty still weaves.

3. “The Passing of a Friend”

Goodbye, my friend,
Your laughter echoes still.
Gone from this world,
But your memory never will.

Long Poems

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