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Battlefield of the Soul: Good vs. Evil Poems

From Dark to Light: Exploring the Conflict of Good vs. Evil in Poetry

Welcome to our page dedicated to Good vs. Evil poems, where we explore the eternal battle between light and dark. From the classic Shakespearean struggles between the forces of good and evil to modern takes on the age-old theme, we’ve got a wide range of poems that explore this fascinating topic. So, whether you’re in the mood for a serious meditation on the human condition or a lighthearted romp through the world of good and evil, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you on this page. After all, when it comes to poetry, there’s nothing more timeless (or more interesting) than the fight between good and evil!

Short Poems

1. The Battle Within
The war wages on inside my head
Good and evil, both fighting for their stead
The light tries to shine, bright and true
But darkness pulls me back, what can I do?

2. The Dark Side
Temptation creeps in, whispers in my ear
Evil takes over, clouds of fear
There’s no escaping, the darkness within
A battle lost, the devil wins

3. The Light that Guides
Hope shines bright, in the darkest of days
Goodness prevails, in so many ways
A beacon of light, shines from afar
Leading me away, from evil’s bar

4. The Tug of War
An endless struggle, between right and wrong
The war rages on, all day long
My conscience weighs heavy, as I try to decide
Between good and evil, which one to abide?

Medium Poems

The Battle Within

In every heart, a war rages on
Between good and evil, a battle not won
One side fights with love and light
The other with hate and endless night

A choice to be made, a path to take
The outcome determines what’s at stake
For those who choose the righteous way
Their hearts are pure, their souls will stay

But those who choose the darkened path
Their fate is sealed, an endless wrath
For evil feeds upon the weak
Until it’s all that they can seek

So choose your side, the time is now
And let your heart show you how
For in the end, the battle within
Will shape your destiny to win.

The Light Overcomes

Darkness creeps upon the land
An evil force that won’t disband
The people tremble in its wake
Their spirits hopeless, their hearts heartbreak

But in the distance, a light shines bright
A beacon of hope to end the night
It grows in strength with every heart
A force to end evil from the start

The light overcomes, the darkness fades
As love and hope take center stage
For in the end, good will prevail
And evil will be sent to jail

No longer will the people fear
For the light has come, the end is near
And though evil may try to return
The light will always shine and burn.

Long Poems

The Eternal Battle

In times of old, when darkness reigned,
And evil spirits roamed unhindered,
The people trembled with fear,
As death and destruction loomed nearer.

But from the heavens, a ray of hope,
A mighty warrior, a savior of souls,
With a sword in hand and a heart of gold,
He battled evil with unwavering resolve.

Cries of pain and sorrow echoed,
As the battle raged on and on,
But with each blow, he fought with fervor,
For he knew that good must triumph over wrong.

The shadows danced and the winds howled,
As the warrior stood alone against his foes,
A beacon of light in a world gone dark,
As he fought against the greatest of odds.

Throughout the ages, his legend lived on,
As a symbol of hope, of love, of strength,
For though the battle was never truly won,
He fought till the very end, till his last breath.

And though the darkness may still linger,
And evil may still rear its ugly head,
We need not fear, for within our hearts,
The warrior’s spirit forever lives on instead.

Battle of the Souls

In the land of shadows and light,
Where good and evil collide,
There’s a battle that rages on,
For the souls of those who reside.

The darkness creeps in like a thief,
Trying to take what is pure,
But the light fights back with all its might,
And their strength begins to endure.

The battle lines are drawn so clear,
The good align to fight,
The evil ones with twisted hearts,
Are determined to bring the light.

But the angels with their shining wings,
Descend on the battlefield,
And the demons with their fiery breath,
Are forced to flee and yield.

The warriors, they clash and clash,
With sword and shield in hand,
The air is filled with battle cries,
As each side takes a stand.

The cries of pain and the clash of steel,
Echo through the night,
As the brave and the fierce keep fighting on,
With all their might and might.

Good and evil, they both know well,
What is at stake in this fight,
For the souls of those in their midst,
Are the prize that’s in sight.

But the light that shines so bright and true,
Is too much for the dark,
And the evil ones with their twisted hearts,
Are left with only a spark.

The battle of the souls is won,
By the ones who fight for right,
And the light that shines in their hearts,
Will guide them through the night.

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