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Finding Hope: Everything Will Be Ok Poems

Finding Hope in Trying Times: Everything Will Be Ok Poems

Welcome to our collection of “Everything Will Be Ok” poems. If you’re feeling down, don’t you fret. We’ve got a range of poems that will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. From uplifting verses to hilarious anecdotes, these poems remind us that no matter how tough life gets, everything will be ok in the end. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some poetic words of wisdom that will brighten up your day.

Short Poems

1. “Tomorrow’s Promise”
The night may be dark and long
But rest assured, it won’t be wrong
For with the morning comes new hope
And with new hope, we learn to cope

2. “The Sun Will Rise Again”
The world may seem bleak and grim
But don’t let that dim your primal vim
For the sun shall rise again, my friend
And with it, our troubles shall come to an end

3. “The Joy of Today”
Why waste your time on sorrows of yesterday
Or worry about what tomorrow may bring your way
Live in the present and cherish today
For it’s a gift that won’t come again your way

4. “Life Goes On”
When faced with troubles or loss
Remember, life still goes on
You’ll always have a chance to stand tall
And make new memories with each dawn.

Medium Poems


Amidst the chaos and the strife,
Hold onto hope throughout your life.
No matter what the world may bring,
Remember that you can do anything.

When doubts and fears begin to mount,
And everything seems to fall down,
Recall the strength that lies within,
And seize this chance to start again.

For every ending brings a new beginning,
And every loss leads to a new winning.
So hold onto hope and never give in,
For everything will be OK in the end.

The Sun will Rise Again

When the sky is dark and the night is long,
And you feel like everything’s gone wrong,
Remember that the night will pass,
And the sun will rise again at last.

Though storms may come and winds may blow,
And tears may fall like rain or snow,
Know that this, too, shall pass away,
And brighter skies will soon be on the way.

For every sorrow, there’s a joy,
And every hurt can be healed, oh boy!
So hold onto faith and hold onto love,
For everything will be OK, dear one.

Long Poems

The Promise of Hope

Everything will be alright, my friend
Let not your heart be filled with dread
For even when the world around us bends
There is hope still, to be found and stead

When dark clouds gather in the sky
And the winds howl with a fearsome might
Remember that the storm will pass by
And the sun will shine again, equally bright

If you find yourself lost and all alone
Take heart, for love will find you yet
For every heart that’s been carved from stone
Has also known the solace of compassion, let

Should death take away someone you love
Grieve, but know that they rest in peace
And the memories that you hold thereof
Are yours to cherish and never to cease

When life’s demands overwhelm and tire
Take a step back and breathe, gentle and slow
For even the strongest too can require
A moment of rest, tranquility to sow

And if you falter on this journey of life
Be not afraid to ask for a helping hand
For, from strife can come a peace that’s rife
With opportunities, in abundance, grand

The promise of hope is what we live for
A light shining bright even in the dark
And when we reach out and open the door
We find the strength to make a new start

So remember, my friend, everything will be okay
Be brave, have faith and never despair
For even in the midst of chaos, we can still sway
Towards a future where we’re free, alive and aware.

Everything Will Be Okay

Like the sun that rises in the east,
And sets in the west at night,
So does life, with its ups and downs,
Make us fret and fight.

Sometimes it feels like the world’s out to get us,
We drown in sorrows and tears,
We search for a way out, desperately,
Yet nothing seems to calm our fears.

But hold on, don’t lose hope just yet,
For I assure you my friend,
Things have a way of working out,
Even when you think they won’t in the end.

It’s true that life is complex,
With twists and turns aplenty,
But trust me when I say this,
Everything will be okay, eventually.

Nothing lasts forever, not even the rain,
And though the storm may be tumultuous,
The skies will soon clear up again.

Perhaps you may stumble and fall,
But just like a child learning to walk,
You will rise up and stand tall,
Despite the endless odds and mock.

Do not let your fears hold you back,
Rather, let them drive you forth,
For every obstacle is but a stepping stone,
Towards a path of greater worth.

The journey may be long and winding,
But it is the journey that makes it worthwhile,
Through every heartbreak and setback,
It’s the memories that make us smile.

So when life throws you its curveballs,
And the road ahead looks bleak,
Take a deep breath and keep moving,
And remember, nothing lasts forever, in life or in defeat.

For like the dawn that follows darkness,
Always comes a brand new day,
And though the nights may seem unending,
Everything will be okay.

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