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Addiction Poems: Poetic Reflections on Substance Abuse

Breaking the Chains: Poems on Overcoming Addiction

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where our poets explore the highs and lows of love and everything in between – even drugs. That’s right, we’ve got a whole section dedicated to poems about drugs. Don’t worry, we’re not promoting drug use, but we do believe in exploring all aspects of the human experience through poetry. From the dangers of addiction to the euphoria of a high, our drug poems cover a range of topics and emotions. So, grab your favorite snack and get ready to dive into some thought-provoking and occasionally witty poetry about drugs.

Short Poems

1. “Alone”
Drowning in sorrow,
I reach for the familiar solace,
Pill after pill,
I am lost again.

2. “Escape”
I swallow the magic,
Feeling the euphoria wash over me.
Nothing upsets me,
Imprisoned in my own mind.

3. “Withdrawal”
Shaking and sweating,
My body screams for relief.
Aching for a fix,
I am a slave to the addiction.

4. “Hope”
Breaking free of the chains,
I see a glimmer of light.
My soul is healing,
I am on the path to recovery.

Medium Poems

Pain’s Companion

I cling to you, my dear old friend,
Through days both light and dark.
You ease my restless mind and soul,
And give me strength to embark.

The pain that haunts me every day,
Has grown much duller now.
And when it grasps me in its hold,
You help me bear the howl.

I know that others shun your kind,
And call you vile and wrong.
But to me, you’re an ally true,
When days drag out too long.

Dear opiate, you ease my strife,
And take my pain away.
You are the friend that never fades,
And in my heart, you’ll stay.

The Gateway

Come hither, child, and take my hand,
Let me show you the way.
I’ll take you on a wondrous trip,
And in my arms, you’ll sway.

No longer will the world be harsh,
Or filled with dread and fear.
I’ll help you find a rosy path,
Where everything is clear.

First, there’s weed, with gentle bliss,
And relaxation, too.
Its leaves will soothe away your stress,
And help your mind renew.

Then there’s cocaine, with its rush,
And sparkles in your eyes.
Its energy will make you fly,
And touch the starry skies.

And last of all, dear little one,
There’s heroin’s soft embrace.
It will bring all your cares to rest,
And fill you with sweet grace.

So come and take my hand, dear child,
And trust in me to lead.
I’ll show you beauty beyond compare,
And nourish all your needs.

The Endless Strife

I curse my life and all my woes,
That never seem to cease.
I long for peace and happy days,
But they slip from me like grease.

My mind is torn with doubts and fears,
That claw at me each night.
And so I turn to drugs and booze,
To help me face the fight.

The pills and powders ease my pain,
And bring me sweet release.
They help me put my trauma down,
And find a sense of peace.

But as I fall into their grip,
I know I’m bound to die.
Addiction is a friend that kills,
And never wonders why.

So now I fight a losing war,
Against my craving self.
And dream of days when I’ll be free,
And put my woes on the shelf.

Long Poems

The Dark Road of Addiction

My mind is hazy, my vision is blurred
Lost in a sea of drugs, everything is a blur
I can’t escape this constant ache
A craving that never seems to take a break

Used to be a time of peace and joy
But now my life is ruined, just a toy
For those who seek to drag me down
To the dark depths, where hope can’t be found

My heart is heavy, my soul is weak
Trapped by the chains of addiction, I seek
A way out, a path of redemption
But the road ahead is full of temptation

The highs are fleeting, the lows are deep
I’m drowning in a world of deceit
The needle and the pill, they call out to me
But I know deep down, they’re not the key

To escape this endless spiral of pain
I must dig deep, strength I must attain
Reach out for help, find a new way
To reclaim my life, and seize the day

But it won’t be easy, there’ll be ups and downs
Temptation lurking in every corner of the town
But I must stay strong, and hold on tight
For the sake of my soul, I must fight

Fight to break free from the chains of addiction
And find my way back to reality, my only conviction
Choosing a new path, one of hope and light
For the darkness of addiction, I won’t give up the fight

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