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Bloods Gang Poems: Expressing Love for the Crew – 1LovePoems

Bloods Gang Poems: Fearless, Intense, and Poignant Verses of Survival and Loyalty

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we explore the diversity of poetry on various topics. Today, we feature a collection of Bloods gang poems, celebrating the style, struggle, and strength of this brotherhood. From the fierce loyalty to the fearless rebellion, we strive to capture the essence of what it means to be a Blood. But don’t worry, we won’t be inciting any violence, just showcasing the artistic expression of a gang that has left its mark on American history. So, let’s get ready to read some hard-hitting, heart-touching, and thought-provoking poems that will leave you with a new perspective on the Bloods. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. “Blood Brother”
We bleed the same color,
Through thick and thin,
Forever bound,
As blood brothers within.

2. “Red Flag”
Fly high above,
Our red flag waving,
Symbol of unity,
Bloods never misbehaving.

3. “Blood Bond”
A bond unbreakable,
Bloods forever united,
Loyalty and respect,
Our code never slighted.

4. “Bloods’ Creed”
Bloods honor and justice,
Carrying on tradition,
Protecting our community,
With strength and conviction.

Medium Poems

Blood in, Blood out”
We come into the world with nothing
But the blood in our veins
And we leave this life
With the blood spilled in our names

We are bound by the code
Of the streets we call home
And when the time comes
We’ll fight to the end, never alone

For we are the Bloods
And we live and die by our pride
In a world of chaos
We stand together, side by side

Our colors may be red
But our brothers and sisters are true
And as we bleed for each other
We’re reminded of what we must do

Stay true to the code
And remember, without a doubt
We are Bloods for life
In and out, blood in, blood out

Brothers in Blood”
We come from different places
But we share the same bond
Of brotherhood and loyalty
The kind that has always shone

We may have different mothers
And we may have different dads
But we are Bloods forever
And for that, we’re so glad

We know the risks of the life we lead
And we accept them with open hearts
For we’re bound by our color, our code
And our love that never departs

So when we’re on the streets
And the world feels hard and cold
We can count on our brothers in blood
To have our backs, brave and bold

For we are the Bloods
And we’ll always stand strong
United in our purpose
Until the end, where we belong

Blood-stained History”

Our history is blood-stained
With violence, strife, and pain
But the Bloods stand tall
Even in the face of fear and disdain

From the early days of Watts
To the present, we’ve survived
Through the wars and the battles
We’ve refused to bow or hide

We’ve lost brothers and sisters
And shed tears for our fallen kin
But we continue to move forward
And our spirits never give in

Our scars run deep
But they remind us of our strength
In a world that doubts our worth
And tries to break us at any length

We hold our heads up high
And we walk with pride and might
For we are the Bloods
And our history doesn’t define our fight

Long Poems

Bloods Forever

Forever I’ll ride with the red
Bloods for life, until I’m dead
From the streets of LA to NYC
We hold it down, proud and free

Started from the bottom, now we here
A brotherhood with no fear
Blood in, blood out, that’s the oath
We stand together, loyal and close

Enemies try to bring us down
But we rise up, never to be found
We bleed red, we breathe red
Bloods for life, until we’re dead

From the swamps of Louisiana
To the suburbs of Atlanta
We keep it real, we keep it true
Bloods forever, me and you

Through the trials and tribulations
We stand strong, no hesitation
The red flag flies high above
Bloods forever, our legacy of love

We may be judged, we may be scorned
But our brotherhood can’t be torn
We hold it down, we stand tall
Bloods, forever and for all.

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