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Sleep Tight with these Bedtime Poems

Drift into Dreamland with our Selection of Soothing Bedtime Poems

Welcome to our page dedicated to bedtime poems, where we have a collection of verses to send you off to dreamland with a smile on your face. Whether you’re in the mood for something silly or something serene, we’ve got you covered. Snuggle up with your pillows and get ready to drift off to sleep with our delightful poems. Sweet dreams!

Short Poems

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Up so high and oh so far,
Shining brightly in the night,
Bringing joy to all in sight.

2. Goodnight Moon
Goodnight moon up in the sky,
I’ll see you again by and by,
Sleep now, rest and dream so deep,
And I’ll guard your night’s peaceful sleep.

3. Hush, Little One
Hush, little one, don’t make a peep,
Mommy’s here, you can sleep,
Close your eyes and rest your head,
In your dreams, you’ll be safely led.

4. The Sandman
The Sandman is here, he’s come to stay,
To whisk you off to dreamland far away,
Close your eyes and let him do his job,
For sweet dreams await, don’t even sob.

Medium Poems

1. “Stars in the Sky”

When the sun sets and the night draws near,
Look up above and do not fear,
For in the darkness up high,
The stars will shine and light up the sky.

A million diamonds sparkling bright,
A mesmerizing and wondrous sight,
Up above where peacefulness lies,
And where the moon too, comes to rise.

So lay down and close your eyes,
And let the stars guide you to the skies,
Dream big, dream far and dream wide,
With the stars above as your guide.

2. “Goodnight, World”

As the day folds into the night,
And the world fades away from sight,
It is time for you to close your eyes,
And to let your worries and fears subside.

So sleep, oh so sound and so deep,
And into your dreams, let your mind seep,
Into a place where magic thrives,
And where a world of possibilities arrive.

Rest well, my dear, my little one,
And when the morning light has come,
You’ll wake up ready to face the day,
And to conquer whatever comes your way.

Long Poems

All that is Bright and Beautiful

All that is bright and beautiful
The stars, the moon, and the sky so full
The twinkling lights, the calming breeze
Together they sing a lullaby with ease

The trees stand tall, the leaves rustle
The grass whispers, the crickets hustle
A symphony of nature’s own
They lull us to sleep, all alone

A world of dreams, a world so vast
A journey within, a chance to outlast
All the worries, all the fears
Drifting away to a land so clear

A land of make-believe, of wonder and awe
A world that’s free, without any flaw
A place where we can be who we truly are
Where we chase our dreams, near or far

And as we drift off to this magic land
We let go of all the troubles in our hand
For tomorrow is a new day to shine
To live, to love, to sing and to sign

So sleep tight, dear child, do not fear
For all that is bright and beautiful is here
And when we wake up, we shall see
A world of possibilities, waiting for you and me.

As We Drift into Dreamland

As the night falls gently upon our abode,
And the stars twinkle high above the road,
We draw the curtains to shut out the light,
As we dim the lamps and bid farewell to sight.

We snuggle under our cozy blankets deep,
Listen to the lullabies of the night’s sweet sleep,
As the gentle breeze whispers through the trees,
We let go of fears and soothingly breathe at ease.

The world outside fades away into the night,
As we drift into a dreamworld, so quiet,
A place where we can dance and play,
Where all our worries slowly fade away.

The soft rustling of the curtains and leaves,
Compliments with our breath that we heave,
As the gentle lullaby of our beating heart,
Echoes into the silence, like an artwork.

The quiet darkness that envelopes us,
Is like a new beginning, without a fuss,
A chance to start afresh, to be free,
To live in harmony, where no one disagrees.

So as we drift into this peaceful night,
We bid adieu to the worries of the daylight,
For in our dreams, we’ll find a place,
Where all our troubles disappear without a trace.

And when we awaken in the morning light,
We’ll greet the new day, so fresh and bright,
For with a rested heart and a peaceful mind,
We’ll be ready to face the world, so kind.

So sleep now, my dear, with a gentle smile,
For we’ll meet again in this dreamlike aisle,
In this sacred space, where love resides,
Where all our worry and stress subsides.

Close your eyes now, listen deeply to the night,
And let the moon and stars be your guiding light,
For in this moment, there is nothing to fear,
Just the sweet sound of peace that we hold dear.

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