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What Is It About You?

Author: Cari Escobar

What is it about you that I’m so attracted to?
Is it the tender look in your eyes?
Or your lips so soft and kissable?
Is it the way you call me baby?
Or the sweetness in you, which makes you so lovable?
What’s there in you that I’ve never felt before?
Is it your touch or your warm embrace?
Is it the way you hold me or your silky caress?
Or that every time your lips meet mine,
There’s a sincere, special look in your face.
What is it about you that makes me miss you so?
Is it that I can’t imagine me without you?
Or that not hearing the sound of your voice,
Always makes me miss you more makes me so blue.
What is it about you that makes me long for more?
Is it your confident, yet kind and gentle way?
Is it that when we cuddle, my heart you always touch?
Or the way I urge to be with you night and day.
What is it about you that frightens me so?
Is it that you may not feel exactly what I feel?
Is it that there’s still a wall setting us apart?
Or that you’re so afraid of opening your heart.
I have yet to find the answers,
to the questions which here lay.
All I know is when I’m with you,
all my worries fade away.

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