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Feelings of despair hovering your heart when the love of your life broke up with you or when you were left alone asking the reasons why?

Yes, pain, healing, acceptance, and getting over takes time — give yourself the time you need to cry and feel the pain. You deserve all the time you need.

Learn from the love you lost and don’t dwell on just the pain. There are memories worth keeping and the lessons to be learned.

Write down your pain and if you can’t find the right words, browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems for inspiration.

Author: Gabor Timis – Copyright 2016

As soon as I saw your eyes I knew something was amiss
and my heart plunged far deep into an abyss.
Then your words started and suddenly there was pain,
the words slashing through me all the way to my brain.
As if I lifted a boulder hard and great,
I became dizzy and felt my heart ready to break.
I wanted to cry out against this cruel fate.
It is truly all over now, you and I are apart,
but it was so beautiful and sweet from the start
that this savage twist leaves me with much pain.
The aches are brutal, my emotions I can’t restrain.
Why, oh why, there is no consolation,
just a dark, empty desolation.

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