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Whispers Of The Heart Quotes – Silent Whispers Of Love

Author: Santhosh Shenoy

I long to hear your whisper
Silent in my heart they whimper
Gentle echoes that they are
Of which you are least aware
I hear the whispers of the wind
I see the stars shine in the sky
But, none feels like your whispers
Or matches the star shining in your eye
It sways ardent breeze of harmony
Each word is wrapped in rhapsody.
At times when wind blows through trees
Do I pause and listen to its passing?
I feel your voice brushing me
The gentle warmth touching me
I hear the tenderness of your voice
That fills the spectrum of my soul.
Your Vibes, I feel when you’re near me.
Your breath, I feel tickling me, on my ears
Whisper gently in my ear, a simple whisper
A whisper that speaks louder than words
Into my ears, flow the whispers of love
Whispers, the speech of tireless lips
I long to hear forever, your sweet whisper
Like laughing water, a music to my ears
The soothing words that fall
Smooth from out your lips
On my heart, it pours and lands softly
Dewdrops they are, on my finger tips
The mischievous glow in your eyes
Which I always long to see forever
The ecstasy I see in your eyes, to which
Myself and my desires, I give
Standing still, I gaze into the twin pools
Count your eyelashes, Measure your breath
How I wish, I could taste the honey
Of your maidenly breath
I wonder whether you stare at me
Could that be connected with mine
Eyes to eyes share a story, gather flowers
Share the fragrance, share the music
Open your heart, gently close your eyes and see
There appears a face, in the space in your heart
I will hold you there, I swear, in your dreams
In the warmth of desire, with a gentle embrace
In a soft embrace, Heads on shoulders
We entwine, you are mine forever
Capture my heart with your passion
Tickle and whisper softly in my ears
Your voice, my love, I will listen
In my heart, it always whispers.
Come with me, be with me Forever
And Always, Let me Love You.

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