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Wedding Poems

Heartfelt Will You Marry Me Poems to Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Forever Starts Today: Poems to Pop the Question

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we’ve curated a collection of the most romantic, heartwarming, and sometimes downright goofy poems to help you pop the question. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental sonnet, a playful limerick, or something in between, we’ve got you covered. So take a browse through our selection and find the perfect words to ask that special someone those four life-changing words: Will You Marry Me? And hey, if all else fails, just tell them a good joke – laughter is the ultimate expression of love, right?

Short Poems

1. “Forever and a Day”
In this moment, I kneel before you
Heart racing, trembling with fear
But know that my love for you is true
And I want to spend forever and a day near

2. “The Ring”
A symbol of our love, a circle unbroken
A promise for eternity, a token
Of my undying devotion and affection
Will you accept it and start a new connection?

3. “Always”
From the first moment I laid eyes on you
I knew that you were the one
And through thick and thin, I’ll be true
Together we’ll face life’s trials, forever we’ve begun

4. “My Dear”
My dearest love, so sweet and true
With you by my side, I’m never blue
So hear me now, and hear me clear
Will you do me the honor, and be my dear?

Medium Poems

Love’s Promise

On bended knee, with trembling hands,
I ask you this, my heart’s demand.
Will you be mine for all of time,
Forevermore, until the end of time?

My love for you shall never fade,
Through stormy seas and sunlit days.
With you, my heart has found its home,
My soulmate, my love, my own.

So hear my pledge, my solemn vow,
To cherish you forever, now and forever more.
Will you be mine until the end of time,
My dearest love, will you be mine?

Our Forevermore

My love for you is pure and true,
It knows no bounds, it’s always new.
With every beat of my heart,
I swear to love you until death do us part.

Through all life’s joys and tribulations,
I’ll stand by you, in every situation.
We’ll walk hand in hand, side by side,
Together, we’ll face life’s ups and downs with pride.

With every passing day, my love grows more,
For you, my soulmate, forevermore.
So let me ask you, my love so true,
Will you marry me, and make our dreams come true?

A Love Like Ours

I look into your eyes and see,
A love that’s meant to be.
Through every obstacle and trial,
We’ll keep our love burning bright, all the while.

I’ll always be by your side,
Through every storm we’ll abide.
Together, we’ll face the world,
As one, our love unfurled.

So my love, will you do me the honor,
And marry me, my darling forever?
Our journey has just begun,
Let’s walk hand in hand, till the setting sun.

Long Poems

The Journey to Forever

There was a time in my life
When love was but a far-off dream
A fairy tale I thought I’d never find
Until you came, and my heart did gleam

You’ve shown me love in its purest form
Through the good times and the bad
You’ve been my rock, my guiding light
The reason why I’m so glad

And so I ask you now, my love
Will you take this journey with me?
To walk hand-in-hand for all of our days
Through whatever the future may be

We’ll travel through life’s hills and valleys
Together we’ll face every storm
Our love will be the constant factor
The one thing that will keep us warm

I can’t promise that life will be easy
But I know that with you by my side
Anything is possible, my dear
With you, I have nothing to hide

So I ask you now, on bended knee
Will you marry me, my love?
To be my partner through thick and thin
Our love a symbol sent from above

Together we’ll face the world as one
With our love as strong as steel
This journey to forever we’ll take
Our love, a beautiful seal.

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