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Wedding Poems

Wedding Love Poems by Mary Oliver: Celebrating Love and Commitment

Verse of Vows: Mary Oliver’s Love Poems for a Blissful Wedding

Welcome to 1LovePoems! We’re thrilled to present our collection of Mary Oliver love poems, perfect for the most romantic occasions. From weddings to anniversaries, these poems are sure to capture the essence of true love. But don’t worry, we have more than just Mary Oliver. Our selection of love poems spans various poets and styles, so you’re bound to find the perfect verse for your sweetheart. So come on in, take a look around, and let the words of love fill your heart (and maybe even make you chuckle a bit).

Short Poems

1. “Together Forever”
Together we stand
Through thick and thin
Two hearts beating as one
Forever we’ll win

2. “Love’s Promise”
In your eyes, I find
The love that never dies
With every breath, I promise
To love and cherish, till the sun dies

3. “Eternal Love”
Like the stars in the sky
Our love will shine bright
Through the darkness of the night
Guiding us to the light

4. “Forevermore”
Hand in hand, heart to heart
We’ll walk this path till the end
Together we’ll make new memories
Our love, forevermore will transcend.

Medium Poems

1. A Promise of Forever
I promise to love you
Until the end of time
To cherish every moment
And make you forever mine

Together we’ll walk through life
Hand in hand, heart to heart
Through every joy and every trial
We’ll never be torn apart

Our love will only grow stronger
With every passing day
Because with you by my side
I know we’ll find our way

So let us vow to each other
To love and cherish til the end
For it’s in each other’s arms
That our hearts truly mend

2. A Lifetime of Love
I found my heart in your hands
The day we first met
And every moment since then
I’ve been so grateful, you bet

With you by my side
I know I have it all
For your love is the greatest gift
A heart could ever recall

And as we embark on this journey
Together as husband and wife
I look forward to spending
A lifetime of love with you for life

So let us celebrate this day
A day of joy and mirth
As we start our forever
A lifetime of love here on earth

Long Poems

Forever Begins Today

Underneath the soft glow of the summer sun
Two hearts merge and become one
The sky above them, a shade of blue
A love story begins anew

With every beat of their hearts
They know their forever starts
He takes her hand, the world disappears
As he whispers in her ear, wiping away her tears

Together they walk down the aisle
A joyous moment, a perfect smile
Their eyes lock, their love so pure
They know their future is secure

In this moment, time stands still
A bond forged on their own free will
Their souls united, never to part
A love that will truly last

As they exchange their solemn vows
They feel the world spinning somehow
Joined together by love’s sweet embrace
Their lives, forever intertwined in grace

On this day, may their love shine
With happiness that will never decline
Through every joy, and every woe
May their love forever grow

In the end, it is love that wins
Binding two hearts, and sealing their sins
Today marks the start of a beautiful way
A journey where forever begins today.

The Promise of Forever

We stand here today, hand in hand,
two souls intertwined, ready to take a stand
and make a promise to love and cherish,
to forever be each other’s, never to perish.

The road ahead may be long and winding,
a journey filled with both the joy and the grinding,
but we’ll face it together with strength and love,
hand in hand, blessings from above.

For love, my dear, is not just a feeling,
it’s a commitment we make, a bond so appealing,
it’s the promise we keep no matter the test,
through thick and thin, we give it our best.

I promise to love you in every way,
to be there for you no matter what they say,
to hold you close and wipe away your tears,
to be your rock, your guide, your hopes and fears.

Together we’ll build a life of joy and peace,
and make memories that never fade, never cease,
we’ll laugh, we’ll sing and dance in the rain,
and cherish every moment, again and again.

So let us take this vow today,
keep it in our hearts, and never sway,
to love and cherish, till death do us part,
this is the promise of forever, from my heart.

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