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Spark Romance with Our Engaging Love Poems

Heartfelt Words of Forever Love: Engagement Poems

Welcome to our page dedicated to Engagement Poems on 1LovePoems. Whether you’re looking to pop the question or celebrate your special day, we’ve got a range of heartfelt and humorous poems to fit the bill. From romantic sonnets to lighthearted limericks, we’ve got you covered. So take a seat, grab a cup of tea, and peruse the perfect verse to express your love and commitment. Let your journey down the aisle begin with a poetic touch.

Short Poems

1. “Captivated”
In your eyes, I see a flame,
That sets my heart aflame.
Our souls entwined, pure and true,
I’m captivated by you.

2. “Heartstrings”
My heartstrings play a melody,
That only you can hear.
Together we dance to love’s symphony,
With a passion that won’t disappear.

3. “Forevermore”
Like the stars that shine so bright,
Our love will burn forevermore.
Entwined together, our hearts take flight,
Together we’ll soar and explore.

4. “Endless Love”
Endless love, a true devotion,
That can’t be broken or undone.
My heart beats strong with emotion,
For you, my love, you’re the one.

Medium Poems

Long Poems


Forevermore, our love will be,
A flame that burns eternally.
Through all the joys and all the pain,
Our hearts will beat as one again.

In every moment, through the years,
Our bond grows stronger, through the tears.
With every breath that we both take,
Our love will never, ever break.

We’ll be there for each other’s needs,
Our love will surely take the lead.
Through all the struggles and the strife,
Our love will guide us through this life.

With every kiss and every touch,
Our hearts will blossom, oh so much.
We’ll hold each other through the night,
Forevermore, our love’s in sight.

Through the seasons, through the years,
We’ll conquer anything, our dear.
With every step we take, we’ll know,
Our love is strong, it will never go.

Forevermore, we’ll be as one,
Our hearts will beat, until it’s done.
Through life and death, we’ll always be,
Together, forever, eternally.

The Dance of Love

In the stillness of the night
Where silence and darkness unite,
Two hearts beat as one
In a dance that has just begun.

The stars above shine so bright
As the moon illuminates the sight,
Of a man and a woman so true
Their love for each other forever new.

The music of their souls play
As they step to the beat of their hearts today,
Around and around, they dance with grace
In each other’s arms, finding their rightful place.

He whispers sweet nothings in her ear
As her eyes close, forgetting every fear,
She feels his heart beating in his chest
A feeling of completeness, a love at its best.

The rhythm of their love never tires
For their hearts are filled with burning desires,
To cherish, to love and to hold
In sickness and health, till they grow old.

The dance of love never stops
As each step they take, their bond deepens and locks,
Together forever, they stand strong
A love that blossomed even after so many wrongs.

As the night comes to an end
The dance of love still prevails and blends,
In each other’s arms, they let go
A love that grows and continues to glow.

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