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Wicca Love Poems to Cast a Spell on Your Heart

Magical Wiccan Love Poems: Spells of Romance and Passion for the One You Adore

Get ready to cast a spell of love with our collection of Wicca love poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we’ve conjured up some of the most enchanting and mystical verses to help kindle the flames of passion. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner of Wicca or just intrigued by its magic, we’ve got a range of poems to suit every taste. From ancient ritual chants to modern love spells, our collection will charm you with its wit, sensuality, and profound magic. So light some candles, draw a pentagram, and let our Wicca love poems spark a little bit of enchantment in your life!

Short Poems

1. “Spellbound Love”
Cast by moonlight,
A spell of love takes flight.
In the circle we stand,
Hand in hand.
Together we call upon the divine,
To unite our souls in this bind.

2. “Garden of Love”
In the garden we dance,
Heat and passion, a romantic trance.
Enchanted by the flowers’ scent,
In each other’s arms we’re content.
Our hearts beat as one,
As we bask in the warm sun.

3. “With Every Breath”
With every breath,
I fall deeper in love with you, my Wiccan Queen.
My soulmate, my companion,
Together we traverse life’s scenes.
In the sacred grove, we vow,
Our love forever will stay aglow.

4. “The Witch’s Kiss”
Beneath the starry sky,
We share a kiss, oh so sly.
With magic on our lips,
Our love forever grips.
With each passing night,
Our love and passion ignite.

Medium Poems

Moonlit Love

In the pale light of the full moon,
We dance to the rhythm of our hearts,
Hand in hand, we move as one,
Lost in the magic of love’s sweet art.

Our bodies swaying to the music of the night,
Our souls entwined in a mystic embrace,
We surrender to the power of love’s delight,
And let our hearts lead us to a place.

A place where time stands still,
Where the only reality is you and me,
And in this enchanted moment,
Our love shines as bright as the moonlit sea.

Witching Hour

At the witching hour, I light a candle,
And call upon the powers above,
To bring me the one I love,
And bind us together like sandal.

In the silence of the night,
I whisper my heart’s desire,
And watch as the candle’s light,
Grows stronger and higher.

With every breath I take,
I feel my magic grow,
And as the flames flicker and shake,
I know that love will flow.

So I cast my spell and wait,
In the hope that you’ll be mine,
And as the dawn breaks,
I know that your heart will align.

Star-Lit Dreams

In the vast expanse of the starry sky,
I see you shining bright,
And my heart fills with a joyous sigh,
As I imagine our love taking flight.

In my dreams, we dance among the stars,
Weaving a web of love and light,
And as we soar above the world,
Our spirits take flight.

With every step we take,
Our love grows stronger,
And as we twirl and sway,
The night seems endless and longer.

So let us dance among the stars,
And keep our love alive,
For in each other’s arms,
We are meant to thrive.

Long Poems

Enchanted Love

In ancient times, when the earth was young,
There were witches who worshipped the sun.
These powerful women would chant and sing,
Enchanted by the magic it would bring.

As the sun set in the western sky,
They would light candles, and start to fly.
Their broomsticks would soar through the night,
As they cast spells in the moon’s soft light.

But their magic was not just for spells,
They knew the power of love as well.
For one of the greatest powers of all,
Is the love that binds us, never to fall.

And so, the witches began to weave,
Their enchanting love spells, to relieve,
All those who were lost in love’s maze,
To help them find their true love’s gaze.

Their chants were soft and their words were clear,
As they whispered to the moon, “draw love near”.
Their spells would weave a web so tight,
That lovers could not escape, but delight.

For love is not just a simple word,
It’s a deep emotion, that can be heard.
It’s the song that plays in the heart,
And grows stronger, as two lives start.

So if you’re lost in love’s sweet spell,
And need some help to break the spell,
Just remember that the witches know,
How to make your love forever grow.

For they know the power of the moon and sun,
And how to keep love always young.
So let their spells and chants be heard,
And find the love that is forever stirred.

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