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Blessing of Renewal: Baptism Poems – Celebrating Spiritual Rebirth in Poetry

Divinely Cleansed: Inspiring Baptism Poems for Your Faith Journey

Welcome to our Baptism Poems page! Here, you’ll find an array of heartwarming, inspirational, and even comedic poems all about this special ceremony. Whether you’re a proud parent, a godparent, or simply a guest, these verses are bound to make you smile. So, dive in and enjoy the baptismal bliss!

Short Poems

1. “Washed Clean”
Beneath the waters deep and cool,
A soul is cleansed, made pure and new.
No more to live in sin or strife,
For baptism gives eternal life.

2. “A Sign of Faith”
With water running o’er my head,
I take this step, with heart well-read.
For in this act, I do proclaim,
My love for God, in Jesus’ name.

3. “Born Anew”
The old is gone, the new has come,
As I am baptized, in God’s love.
I rise up, a child of grace,
To walk the path of faith’s embrace.

4. “Eternal Bond”
Baptized in water, marked in love,
My soul now joined with Christ above.
No power on earth can break this tie,
For in His arms, I’ll never die.

Medium Poems

Washed Clean

I stand before you, Lord, unclean
Tainted by sin, unworthy to be seen
But in your grace, you wash me clean
Through baptism, a new life is gleaned

I am buried with you, my Savior
And raised again, bright as the sun
In your love, I find my fervor
And my old self is gone, undone

Oh, precious are the waters of baptism
That cleanse my soul and make me new
I am forever grateful for this freedom
And I worship you, Lord, in all I do

For in your love and in your mercy
I find my hope and my salvation
And through baptism, I’m born again
A child of God, a new creation.


I’m sinking down, beneath the waves
Choking on water, feeling afraid
The cold surrounds me, I cannot breathe
And in this darkness, I believe

That there’s no hope for one like me
Lost in sin, without reprieve
But in your love, you offered a way
To be saved and lifted up today

Through baptism, I am buried deep
And raised again, new life to keep
I drown my old self and rise anew
And find my hope and strength in you

For in your love, I am made clean
And in your grace, my soul redeemed
I give my life, my heart, my all
To serve you, Lord, and heed your call

So as I rise up from the depths
And feel your love all around
I know that through baptism, I confess
That in you, true life is found.

Long Poems

The Shimmering Waters of Baptism

Oh, how the waters shimmer and shine,
With a holy light divine,
As we come to be baptized,
In the name of the One who died.

Standing on the riverbank so calm,
We feel the Spirit’s soothing balm,
And we know that we are blessed,
With a grace that will never rest.

The water beckons us forward,
To wash away all sin and discord,
And to cleanse our hearts so pure,
That we may forever endure.

With a prayer on our lips,
And a faith that never slips,
We take the plunge into the current,
And feel the love that is so fervent.

As we rise from the depths,
We feel the peace that surpasses all tests,
For we are now reborn,
In the Spirit that has taken us from the storm.

The waters will never lose their shine,
For they are a symbol of the divine,
And we will always remember,
The day we were baptized in splendor.

So let us go forth in peace,
And let our faith never cease,
For we have been given new life,
And the waters of baptism have made us rife.

The Waters of Baptism

The waters of baptism wash over me,
As I am cleansed of all impurity.
The sins of my past are washed away,
And a new life begins on this special day.

Like a seed that’s planted in fertile ground,
My faith begins to grow and abound.
With the love of God in my heart,
I vow to live my life set apart.

For in this moment, I am reborn,
To a life of grace, love, and hope adorn.
With the Holy Spirit filling me inside,
I know that in God’s arms I can abide.

And as I rise up from the water’s embrace,
I know that I have found a sacred place.
A place where my soul is washed anew,
And I am surrounded by God’s love so true.

So let the waters of baptism flow,
For in this moment, I truly know,
That I am loved and I am whole,
And with God, I can reach any goal.

For in the waters of baptism, I am made,
A child of God, with His love forever laid.
And with every step, and every breath,
I will walk with God until my final rest.

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