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Divine Inspiration: Praise Poems for God

Praising the Divine: Inspiring Praise Poems for God on 1LovePoems

Welcome to our page dedicated to praise poems for God on 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find a variety of poems that celebrate the wonder and majesty of the divine. From heartfelt expressions of gratitude to light-hearted odes to the Almighty, we’ve got a little something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice or simply want to enjoy some beautiful poetry, come explore our collection of praise poems for God. Who knows, you might just find the words to express your own reverence for the Divine!

Short Poems

1. “Majestic Creator”
Oh how mighty and great
Is the One who formed all things
From the stars in the sky
To the smallest of wings

2. “Everlasting Life”
Your love is a never-ending stream
Flowing into all our hearts
Through trials and triumphs
We shall never be apart

3. “Guiding Light”
You lead us through the darkest night
With a beacon of hope and love
We trust in your wisdom and might
As we follow your path above

4. “Merciful Savior”
In our weakness and our sin
You offer us grace and forgiveness
From the depths of our heart within
We praise you for your endless kindness.

Medium Poems

1. “Great and Mighty God”

Great and mighty God,
Creator of all things,
Your power is unmatched,
Your love everlasting.

The heavens declare your glory,
The earth sings your praise,
All creation bows before you,
In worship and awe always.

Your ways are higher than ours,
Your thoughts beyond measure,
Yet you sent your son to save us,
And give us eternal treasure.

How wonderful are your works,
How perfect are your ways,
Great and mighty God,
We lift our voices in praise.

2. “You Are Worthy”

You are worthy, oh Lord,
To receive all glory and honor,
For you alone are sovereign,
And your love for us is stronger.

Your grace is all-sufficient,
Your mercy endures forever,
In your presence we find joy,
And life that lasts forever.

From the highest heavens,
To the depths of the sea,
Your love knows no bounds,
And sets our hearts free.

We join the angels in singing,
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty,
For you are worthy of our praise,
And our worship eternally.

Long Poems

Magnificent God

Oh Magnificent God, ruler of the universe
We bow before You in awe and reverence
You created all things, from the stars in the sky
To the creatures that crawl and the birds that fly

Your power is limitless, Your wisdom unfathomable
Your love unconditional, Your grace incomparable
You give us strength and guide us with Your light
Sending angels to watch over us day and night

In Your presence, we feel loved and secure
Your mercy and forgiveness are always pure
You heal our wounds and lift up our soul
And lead us to a life that’s good and whole

With grateful hearts, we praise Your holy name
Our voices lifted up in unison, proclaim
That You are the source of all that is good
Our Savior, Redeemer, our Lord and God

Oh Magnificent God, we honor You today
And forever, we’ll sing Your praises and say
Thank You for Your grace and Your mercy too
And bless Your holy name, forever anew.

Majestic King of Heaven

Oh Majestic King of Heaven,
Who reigns above in endless might,
Your grace and love surpass all measure,
Your glory shines forever bright.

From the very dawn of time,
You spoke and brought forth the universe,
The vastness of creation sings your praise,
As handiwork sings forth your verse.

The stars and galaxies above,
A canvas painted in your hand,
A constant reminder of your power,
As we behold this wondrous land.

In every moment of our lives,
You guide us with your loving hand,
Your mercy leads and lifts us high,
As we walk upon this sacred land.

The sun and moon, the earth and sea,
All submit to your command,
Your word is powerful and true,
As we heed your every command.

Your love is like an endless river,
That flows with grace and tenderness,
Overflowing with abundant joy,
As we marvel at your holiness.

Oh Majestic King of Heaven,
We stand before your throne in awe,
You reign supreme, our only hope,
Our hearts and souls your sacred law.

You are the Alpha and the Omega,
The beginning and the very end,
We worship you with all our hearts,
And praise you for all eternity!

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