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Faithful Words: Poems about the Power and Beauty of Faith

Believing in the Unseen: Poems about Faith and Trust in Higher Powers

Looking for poems about faith? You’ve come to the right place! Here at 1LovePoems, we’ve curated a collection of stirring, heart-warming, and sometimes even hilarious poems on this timeless topic. Whether you need a boost of inspiration during tough times, or just want to revel in the beauty of the mystery that is faith, our page has got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and soak up the words of our talented poets. Faith, love and hope await you!

Short Poems

1. “Believe”
Faith is the anchor that steadies the soul,
Guiding us through life’s tumultuous shoal,
With unwavering hope and steadfast trust,
Believing in what’s good, kind, and just.

2. “Through the Storm”
When life’s tempests rage and toss us about,
We look for a shelter and a way out,
But with faith as our compass and guiding light,
We’ll weather any storm with all our might.

3. “Hope”
Faith gives us wings so we can soar,
Above life’s trials and hardships galore,
With hope in our hearts and a prayer on our lips,
We’ll rise above, and never lose our grip.

4. “Strength in Unity”
When we stand together with faith as our bond,
We form a chain that’s unbreakable and strong,
With each link fortified by love and trust,
We’ll overcome any challenge, hardship, or mistrust.

Medium Poems

1. “Unwavering Faith”
Unwavering faith, a steadfast guide
Through storms and trials, it’ll abide
A light that shines in darkest night
And leads us to a path of right

It gives us hope, it gives us strength
To face our fears and go the length
It teaches us to trust and believe
And to our hearts, it brings relief

For faith is not a fleeting thing
But a foundation that we cling
A treasure that we hold so dear
And makes us conquer every fear

So let us hold onto our faith
In life’s journey, through every wraith
For it will guide us to the end
And bring us to a perfect blend

2. “The Leap of Faith”
To take a leap of faith, they say
Is to trust and pave the way
To an unknown, uncertain fate
And see what lies beyond the gate

It takes courage and a strong will
To trust that it will all be well
To trust in what we cannot see
And let our hearts and spirits free

It’s like walking on a tightrope
Through trials, fears, and valleys slope
But with faith, we will not fall
And we will rise above it all

For faith is more than what we see
It’s a journey, a destiny
A beacon that will light the way
And lead us to a brighter day

So let us take that leap of faith
And trust that there’s a greater place
That’s waiting for us to arrive
And thrive in the beauty of life.

Long Poems

The Faith that Sustains

In times of troubles and distress,
When doubts and fears my soul possess,
I cling to faith and hope’s caress,
And find in it my sure redress.

Oh, what is faith but trust in things unseen,
A light that guides, a beacon that gleams,
A path that’s paved with grace supreme,
And leads our souls to heaven’s serene.

It’s like a seed that’s planted deep,
And nurtured well in soul’s keep,
And given time will bud and leap,
Into a tree of life so steep.

For faith is not of self but grace,
A gift from heaven’s holy place,
That fills our hearts with love’s embrace,
And transforms us with its face.

When storms of life come raging in,
And whirlwinds of doubt make us thin,
Our faith in God will help us win,
And keep us safe from every sin.

For faith in God is more than mere,
A way to cope with pain and fear,
It gives our souls a reason clear,
To live, to love, and to persevere.

So let us hold fast to this faith,
That keeps us strong in every wraith,
And trust in God’s unfailing grace,
To bring us to His glorious face.

The Unwavering Faith

In this journey called life,
Amidst the trials and strife,
I hold onto my faith,
As my heart beats with grace.

There are days I stumble,
When the world seems to crumble,
But my faith remains strong,
As I sing my faith song.

In moments of despair,
When I gasp for air,
I close my eyes tight,
And pray with all my might.

For I know that He listens,
As I pour out my petitions,
He walks beside me,
And guides me through the sea.

Faith is the anchor of my soul,
That makes me whole,
For it gives me hope,
And helps me climb up the slope.

Through thick and thin,
I trust in Him,
My faith never wavers,
Like the ocean’s endless waves.

In the storms of life,
When darkness is rife,
My faith shines bright,
Like the stars at night.

It gives me strength and power,
Like a towering tower,
To face each day with courage,
And emerge victorious from every sabotage.

So I hold onto my faith,
As I journey through this space,
For it’s the light that illuminates my path,
And the force that gives me strength.

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