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Easter Poems for Christians to Celebrate Resurrection Day

Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection with Our Christian Easter Poems – Be Inspired and Share the Love!

Easter is a special time of year that brings hope and renewal, and what better way to express your faith than through poetry? Here at 1LovePoems, we’ve collected an array of inspiring and uplifting Christian Easter poems for you to enjoy. From heartfelt reflections on the sacrifice of Jesus to whimsical celebrations of spring’s arrival, there’s something for everyone on our Easter poetry page. So take a hop over and discover the beauty and power of poetry this season!

Short Poems

1. “Redemption’s Promise”
Death could not hold Him
The tomb could not contain
Jesus rose victorious
Death’s power, null and vain

2. “A Glorious Dawn”
The sky turns pink, then orange and blue
The sun ascends, in grand debut
A glorious dawn, a brand new day
Just as Jesus rose, we too can say!

3. “The Empty Tomb”
The soldiers stood guard, by the tomb
The stone was rolled away, sudden boom!
The tomb was empty, Jesus was gone
Resurrected, forever living on

4. “Rejoice for He is Risen”
Rejoice! Rejoice! Easter morn
For Jesus our Savior, has been reborn
He conquered death, and paid our price
Forever we’ll be with Him, in paradise.

Medium Poems

Resurrection Hope

As winter fades away
And spring begins to bloom,
Our hearts are filled with joy
For Christ has left the tomb.

Death could not hold Him down,
Nor sin, nor Satan’s power.
He rose triumphant, crowned,
And reigns forevermore.

So let us celebrate
Our Savior’s victory.
With grateful hearts elate,
We claim His legacy.

For He has set us free
From condemnation’s grasp,
And, by His love and grace,
Secured our souls at last.

So let us lift our voice
In praise and adoration,
And with His saints rejoice
In endless exultation.

For Christ our Lord is risen,
And we shall rise with Him.
In Him we have true life,
And hope that never dims.

The Cross of Christ

Behold the cross of Christ,
Where mercy and justice meet,
Where God’s great love is shown
In sacrifice complete.

How can we comprehend
The depths of this great mystery,
That God Himself would send
His Son to die for you and me?

Yet by His wounds we’re healed,
And by His blood made clean.
Despite the pain He suffered,
He bore our pain within.

Let us not take lightly
The cost of our redemption,
Nor forget the sacrifice
That gave us such exemption.

For by the cross we are saved,
And in His death we live.
Let us then live for Him,
And to His glory give.

And when we reach the end,
When life on earth is done,
May we in heaven see
The One who died for everyone.

Long Poems

The Resurrection of Hope

The world was dark, full of dread,
Until the news began to spread.
The Savior had risen from the dead-
Hope, once lost, was now ahead.

Mary wept at the empty tomb,
Her heart filled with grief and gloom.
She saw the stone was rolled away,
And the Savior’s robe, no longer gray.

For He was no longer in His tomb,
Gone was the darkness, gone was the gloom.
The Almighty has risen, Hope has bloomed,
The chains of sin and death consumed.

The resurrection of our Lord,
Brings triumph, victory and reward.
To cleanse our sins, He was the sword,
And our fate with His blood was restored.

Now, we lay our fears aside,
With a heart full of joy and pride.
For He is alive, we cannot hide-
Our hope in Christ, will never subside.

So, let us sing and shout with glee,
For our Lord has won the victory.
The cross is empty, and we are free-
Christ has risen, for eternity.


Silence filled the air,
As the earth lay bare,
Darkness blanketed the sky,
As the Son of God did die.

Days went by,
His followers did cry,
For the one they loved so dear,
Was no longer here.

But then, a miracle occurred,
As prophecies were stirred,
The tomb was empty,
And the world was left plenty.

The Son of God had risen,
Death no longer a prison,
He had conquered the grave,
And brought salvation to the brave.

With joyous hearts and voices raised,
The disciples spread the word amazed,
That Christ had risen from the dead,
And eternal life was offered instead.

And so, we gather every year,
To celebrate with heart sincere,
The resurrection of our Lord,
And the hope and grace that He poured.

For His sacrifice and love so true,
Such blessings have been imbued,
Our lives forever changed,
And His resurrection forever arranged.

So sing with joy, let heaven ring,
Proclaim the triumph of our King,
For death has lost its sting,
And Christ our Savior lives as King of Kings.

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