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Blessed by Water: Beautiful Baptism Poems

Baptism Blessings: Celebrate New Beginnings with Heartfelt Poems

Welcome to our collection of Babtism poems on 1LovePoems! Whether it’s for your own child’s baptism or a loved one’s, we have got you covered. From sentimental to humorous, our range of poems will capture the essence of this special occasion. So, take a look and find the perfect verse to add to your speech or card. Happy Baptism-ing!

Short Poems

1. “New Beginnings”
Baptismal waters cleanse my soul,
As I embark on a brand new role,
A child of God, forevermore,
Guided by His love and grace, I soar.

2. “Washed Clean”
The water washes over me,
And in its depths, I’m finally free,
My sins forgiven, my soul restored,
With God’s love, I’m adored.

3. “A Promise Made”
In baptismal vows, I pledge,
To follow God with every edge,
To serve Him always, with all my mind,
And in His love, forever bind.

4. “Born Again”
In baptismal waters, I am born anew,
My old life fades away, like morning dew,
With Christ as my rock and fortress strong,
I’ll live my life forever long.

Medium Poems

1. “Renewal”

In waters pure and still,
We cleanse our souls of stain.
Our old self we release,
To emerge new once again.

The icy shock of cold
Is a small price to pay,
For the rush of hope and light,
That fills us up today.

We vow to walk with faith,
And live a life of love,
With grace we’ll face each strife,
And peace that comes from above.

So let us rise anew,
And face each day with might,
For we are children of God,
Bathed in His holy light.

2. “Legacy”

In ancient fonts we’re dipped,
Beneath the church’s roof;
To honor those before,
And to cement our truth.

The water is like balm,
That soothes our hearts and minds,
As we embrace the vows,
That echo down the lines.

We’re part of a great chain,
Of seekers on this path,
Who looked to Christ for strength,
And found redemption at last.

So let us stand in awe,
Of the heritage we bear,
And carry on their flame,
With love and holy care.

Long Poems

A New Beginning

In waters blue, pure and clean
A new life beckons, a new dream
Beneath the surface, all is calm
A sacred ritual, a soothing balm

The priest stands ready, robe in white
He opens his arms, bathed in light
The baby nestled, in mother’s arms
A precious gem, with infinite charms

The water ripples, as the priest prays
And holy oil, on the innocent lays
The baby’s head, baptized in grace
A new journey begins, a sacred race

The crowd looks on, with hope and pride
A child of God, in whom they confide
The choir sings, a jubilant hymn
As the baby’s soul, is born again

The parents vow, to raise their child
With love and care, tender and mild
To teach their child, the love of Christ
And guide them on, a path of light

The baptism ends, and all are blessed
A new beginning, with each request
May the child grow, in faith and grace
And live a life, in Jesus’ embrace.

The Sacred Waters

Verse 1:
In the sacred waters, we are born anew
Baptized in faith, our hearts start anew
The Holy Spirit descends from above
Guiding us on this journey of eternal love

Verse 2:
In the stillness of the water, we find peace
Ridding ourselves of sin, we feel release
Our souls cleansed, as we’re baptized in His name
We emerge refreshed, our hearts ablaze with flame

Verse 3:
The waters represent a cleansing flood
Washing away our past, our future clear as mud
As we’re reborn, we leave behind all sorrow
Walking forth in faith, towards a brighter tomorrow

Verse 4:
In baptism, we become part of a greater whole
United by belief, our spirits soar and roll
We’re joined together in one great family
God’s children, bonded by love for eternity

Verse 5:
As we come up from the waters, our spirits light
Our burdens lifted, our future shining bright
For the world may try to break and bend us
But in the sacred waters, we’re made anew, friend to friend, us to us.

Verse 6:
So let the waters flow, baptismal gifts divine
Through the grace of God, we are inclined
To follow in His footsteps, to shine His light
Transformed by the Sacred Waters, we’re renewed in His sight.

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