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Southern Charms: S.E. Kloos, Kelly Shive

Can Elizabeth overcome the horrors she suffered at the hands of one man and learn she can trust another?
The victim of domestic abuse, Elizabeth runs to her aunt and uncle who live in a small town in Texas. While there, she not only heals from her injuries, but once again comes face to face with her abuser while at a small rodeo event where she meets Xander, the local favorite, who steps in on her behalf.

Not one who can see a lady suffer, Xander takes it upon himself to show her not all men are like that, but it’s an uphill battle and one she doesn’t make easy. Taking the hits and rolling with the punches, he finally gains her trust and their relationship grows. When her abuser, Brandon, comes back to claim what he sees as his, can Xander step up and not only keep Elizabeth safe, but deal with Brandon once and for all?

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