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Volleyball Poem

by E.A. England


Set it up to spike it down,
dig it, then repeat
blockers up and coverage close
talk loud and move your feet.
Give it everything you have,
don’t just play the game
strive to beat the other teams
make them fear your name.
Points rack up and tension builds
we all know what’s at stake.
skill and heart and desire to win
aren’t things that you can fake.
Some are short and some are tall
we come in different sizes,
that doesn’t change the way that we
wear our floor burns like prizes.
The game that we must play
with worthy competition
we face the team across the net
with courage and ambition.
If every player does their best
and gives it what they can
work has a knack for paying off
and winning is the plan.
Dig it up and load it up
send it back once more,
aiming for a certain spot,
a place to hit the floor.
Shifting, Diving, Calling Out,
don’t be scared to fall.
The sport that you should try
we call it VOLLEYBALL !!!

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