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Uncles Poems – Poems For Uncle

Uncles are one of the most fun and cool relatives. They look out for us when mom and pops are not around but they still let us have fun. They are like big brothers who has our best interest both in safety and in quality time. While other relatives have a high expectations of us when we were children, our uncles know that we are doing our best but being the best is not the priority, rather having fun and exploring. Appreciate your uncles today and let them know that it was a fun time growing up when they were around.

Find familial poems here at 1Love Poems to appreciate every member of your family.

01. Uncle Harry – Poem by Henry Lawson

Oh, never let on to your own true love
That ever you drank a drop;
That ever you played in a two-up school
Or slept in a sly-grog shop;
That ever a bad girl nursed you round –
That ever you sank so low.
But she pulled you through, and it’s only you
And your old mate Harry know.
“Billy the Link” they called you then,
And it makes me sad to think
Of the strenuous days when it took three cops
And a pimp to couple the Link.
“Mister Linkhurst” they call you now,
And your kitchen garden grows;
And no one knows in your family,
But your Uncle Harry knows.
Oh, never let on to your fair young bride
How a “straight” girl stabbed your heart
With a devilish wire to the Western side
Where we were a world apart.
With pick and shovel you fought it out
Where the red sirocco blows;
And no one knew in the gang save you –
But your old mate Harry knows.
Oh, never let on to your own good wife,
For a tender heart has she,
Of the girl that loved and the girl that lies
In the graveyard there by the sea!
‘Twas not for his “manners” she loved the cad,
‘Twas not for his verse or prose,
But the pity she felt for the country lad –
And your Uncle Harry knows.
The bad girl went where the bad girls go
And I see her dark eyes yet;
The good girl left me her broken heart,
But I trow that their souls have met.
The cry of the heart we send not forth
On every wind that blows;
You are hiding a sorrow from someone now –
But your Uncle Harry knows.

Uncle Josef – Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

Uncle Josef strides proudly amongst our weeping fathers
his uniform crisp, his medals aglow
whistling Wagner on his way to work
whilst off to the chimney they go
Uncle Josef’s riding crop snaps to attention
links oder rechts to the prisoners show
the white-teeth dogs bark and bite at their heels
whilst off to the chimney they go
Uncle Josef points the women to the showers
their sad march forms a path thru the snow
but his showers don’t have any running water
off to the chimney they go
Once, during an outbreak of typhus among the Gypsies
Uncle Josef had no mercy to bestow
so don’t get sick and do what you’re told or it’s
off to the chimney you go
Doctor Josef’s hands are red with Friedrich’s blood
his twin looks away as his brother moans low
Josef kisses the dead boy’s hand
off to the chimney they go
“Dig me a pit and set it ablaze, ” Uncle Josef orders
“then into the pit the children throw
“don’t you fail me in this task, there’s
“no room in the chimney, you know.”
Uncle Josef flees as the Reds advance
to deliver Berlin her final blow
he gathers all manner of damning papers
and off to the chimney they go
Uncle Josef drowns off the coast of Brazil
and i wonder if, as his pulse slows,
he sees our ghosts floating in the cold waters
whilst off to the Chimney he goes
Uncle Josef’s lifeless body drifts
in water cruel as evil’s art;
the flame of justice fiercer still
than any flames that sear the heart

Uncle Tissie’s Secret – Poem by Alison Cassidy

His face seemed to sag –
after the stroke.
He’d been a real stunner too,
a Cary Grant look-alike
with dark fizzy curls
into corrugated order.
‘He was the only one of us
I saw mother cuddle’
mum used to say.
But ‘something happened’
at boarding school
and he ‘went quiet’
and ran away.
Joined the navy
during the war.
Married his ‘Jeanie
with the Light Brown Hair’
who drank and smoked
at bright parties
where Tissie sang
and charmed.
A handsome couple –
they loved
and hated
each other
in equal measure.
After the stroke
he grew happier somehow.
Enjoyed his disability pension
and made furniture
with his good arm.
Turned many a stick of old cedar
into a chest of drawers.
Never sang again though…
He was well into his eighties
when he died.
Took his secret with him.

Uncle Jim – Poem by Countee Cullen

“White folks is white,” says uncle Jim;
“A platitude,” I sneer;
And then I tell him so is milk,
And the froth upon his beer.
His heart walled up with bitterness,
He smokes his pungent pipe,
And nods at me as if to say,
“Young fool, you’ll soon be ripe!”
I have a friend who eats his heart
Always with grief of mine,
Who drinks my joy as tipplers drain
Deep goblets filled with wine.
I wonder why here at his side,
Face-in-the-grass with him,
My mind should stray the Grecian urn
To muse on uncle Jim.

Parody Of “uncle Ned” – Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

DERE was an old nigger, and him name was Uncle Tom,
And him tale was rather slow;
Me try to read de whole, but me only read some,
Because me found it no go.
Den hang up de auther Mrs. Stowe,
And kick de volume wid your toe—
And dere’s no more public for poor Uncle Tom,
He am gone whar de trunk—lining go.
Him tale dribbles on and on widout a break,
Till you hab no eyes for to see;
When I reached Chapter 4 I had got a headache,
So I had to let Chapter 4 be.
Den hang up, etc.
De demand one fine morning for Uncle Tom died,
De tears down Mrs. Stowe’s face ran like rain;
For she knew berry well, now dey’d laid him on de shelf,
Dat she’d neber get a publisher again.
Den hang up, etc.

Uncle Indan – Poem by Ayyappa Paniker

One day Uncle Indan wiped the dirt
off his right foot with the left foot
then off the left foot with the right foot
then off the right foot with the left foot
then off the left foot with the right foot
off the right with the left
off the left with the right
off the …

Source: Poemhunter

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