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Virtuous Woman Poem

What does being a virtuous woman mean? There could be several interpretations of a virtuous woman. For one, the Bible speaks of a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 as a woman of discipline, integrity and she practices these virtues in the account of making her husband’s life better and serving her children. But being a virtuous woman does not need a man to prove her worth. She could be as disciplined, as loving, as caring, as wise and endearing regardless if she is married or not. A virtuous woman is of great worth and beauty and a man does not define her.

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The Virtuous Woman
Poem by Patrick Utitufon

She is like a tree planted by the waterside
That yields her fruits in its time and tide
That never ceases to bloom through the climes
And flourishes even in the hardest times
She is not just a hearer of the Word
But daily searches the Scripture—her sword
She is a close companion one ought to have
She strives not to see others starve
She despises not those in lack
Rather cheers to keep on track
A Friend in time of need, she is
A citadel of hope in her time of bliss
For all her services, she demands no reward
Nor before rendition, requires award
She is not the blend that craves materialism
But with peerless zest she seeks good futurism
Being virtuous she stands out among the rest
And like the falcon nurtures her little ones with the best
She never slanders rather offers good counsel
To neighbours and scorners who want to libel
Her voice sedates melancholy
Her gossips bring joy and harmony
Her roof is a haven for the homeless and for the needy
A fortress for the haunted and the weary
She is prayerful, resourceful and kind
When she gives all who watch wonder whether she is blind!
She is the joy of her household
An epitome of virtue in her neighbourhood
She is the news and desire of her spouse
And with contentment she commands her house
Never do her sons hunger
Nor would her daughters wander
She likes industry and distastes negligence
Indispensable and exalted for her diligence
She looks forward and never backward
She is like a star shining in the sky
The only one seen by every eye
Because she leads a life of austerity
She is known for sincerity
For she courts modesty
And clothes herself with decency
She is, you may say, simply active
Amiable and proactive
If she possesses all that life wants with us
What more should I say than end my verse?

A Virtuous Woman
Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

A Virtuous Woman
Proverbs31: 30
Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the LORD she will be praised.
Blessed is she that flees youthful lust
The word of GOD, YAH is her delight and makes her just
Obedience abides in her bosom and her hair is the blazing mist
Her household is upright; she is the mother of love, simply bliss
Proverbs31: 20
She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy
Beautiful princess of a garden of worship giving YAH glory
Her name in the book of life bringing joyful light and mercy
Wine she drinks not as she in mindful of the law
Righteous are her ways, staying away from sinfulness of sin
Narrow path she case keeping CHRIST, YAH in awe
Broken hearts she repairs with her kisses of pure love
Holy she is, innocent in all eyes as a baby dove
Stress of a husband she caresses with her night dress
In her arms her man lives in melody of musical tones of trust
Ways of an adulterous she knows not, being his first and last
Conqueror of gifts through prayer and fasts
She lives cheerfully in laughter; the diamond’s class
Proverbs31: 26
She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness
The lawless she rebukes, the wise she crowns, giving to all in gladness
Charity is her name, gold is her heart, and her deeds are in fact generous
Wiser than the snake, in fear of the LORD, she is none but glorious
The virtuous woman, mother of knights, wife of a king
A queen to humanity, no thorn rose from Eden, lovely affection for crying children
Miss beauty of the universe, speech of a dragon, wisdom herself
Caring knowledge, beautiful confession of deep compassion
The light of my anger, the volcanic ease of my hate, my true soul mate
Flambeaus lips, tempting hips, eyes of the sea, my wife to be
As I found favor in the LORD, treasures of gold;
No more fantasy, miraculously free of inner mindful lust being justly glee
Done with worldly fun in peace at last not alone but with my lovely one

Source: Poemhunter

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