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September Poem – The First of September Poetry

by Alex Sandell

The first of September,
I walk down to the park
where we used to go late at night to hold hands.
The place where we’d promise each other forever.
I sit down at the point I liked to think of as ours.
I reach over to put my hand into yours,
but only get a fistful of sand.
You would smile and tell me
“Whenever you need someone,
I’ll always be there for you.”
So where are you right now?
I’m alone,
except for some car-engine humming across the street
and a lone dog barking off in the distance.
The swings are perfectly still,
you no longer bring them your laughter.
The moon shines down on me,
it’s no longer romantic.
And the stars aren’t falling anymore.
The trees are beginning to lose their leaves
and their branches silhouette the night sky.
I lean back, close my eyes and try to imagine you’re here with me.
Still offering me all of the dreams that I’ve never had,
and the solace that I’ve always desired.
Letting me feel that for once, this heart won’t be broken.
Letting me lose myself in your smile.
I open my eyes, hoping to find you.
Hoping that, by some miracle, you come back.
As the car-engine keeps on humming
and the lone dog keeps on barking,
I think I finally found a spot as lonely as me.

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