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Seductive Poems For Him – Poems For Seduction

There is nothing sexier than confidence and your honest affection expressed in seductive poems. It is the connection of minds and heart that makes a conversation, a poem, a touch, a whisper, or pretty much anything sexy. When you find that connection with someone it will be easier to channel your inner god or goddess and gather up the confidence to express your sensual desire and feelings for that person. Once you got this part right, everything else will follow. A sensual night is not so far away from your imagination all you got to do is savor the moment.

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Seductive Poetry
by Lillian Susan Thomas

When all the writings done, what has been said?
I’ve used my verse to seduce a heart; at least
I want you. Can I rhyme you into bed?
(I’ll tell him by his kisses my love is fed,
And get him drunk on words.) Who needs a feast?
When all the writings done, what has been said?
Cino knew, ‘Lips, words, ‘ and they might be led.
‘I love you’ works on women, subtly we’re told:
I want you. Can I rhyme you into bed?
With all the times I’ve lost a friend instead
Of gaining a lover, I should learn to be less bold.
When all the writings done what has been said?
I’ll leave a copy loosely around to be read.
He’ll think I’m shy, so this I must withhold.
I want you, can I rhyme you into bed?
Most men get frightened when feelings so strong are said.
Perhaps this time I’ll let it slowly unfold.
When all the writings done, what has been said?
I want you. Can I rhyme you into bed?


Romance Bore Seduction
by Mark R Slaughter

Hand blessed hand, caressed.
A blushing rose, her face;
Her breast alive;
The elfin nose, a diamond set –
A kiss upon perfection
Bore a rise of pulse
To coach a sultry moan
Across a mellow breath of wine.
He knew; he sensed,
And easing loose a clasp of lace,
Another sign of her relenting:
Wild the play of eyes,
A fuller glide of skin;
He felt the now begin –
Her swell, intention in the sigh.
And so to hedge his move upon the cue –
The cry of deep anticipation,
Waxing all he saw –
Tho’ not for us to view –
Arrived, emotion raw.


A Seduction: Stick-People Kissing
by Lonnie Hicks

It was working late,
hours in that office together
the comfortableness;
the small talk
and the shared work.
You held my arm
to trace along the blackboard
the picture of the stick-people
we drew in the crowd.
So close.
You began to trace
two stick people
one kneeling
and the bubble over his head
‘I love you.’
I said:
‘What are you doing? ‘
You said: ‘Don’t talk to me
say it with the stick people.’
I drew my stick lady with a bubble
‘Are you talking to me? ‘
You drew and bubbled
‘Must be, you the only
beautiful stick lady in this drawing.’
‘Humm, ‘ I said,
need a little more than that.
Who’s talking stick-man or you? ‘
‘Of if you must know
stick-man is my wing-man
It is you
I love.’
I bubbled back
my stick-lady saying
hearts and kisses’
The next day in the conference room
on that blackboard
were two stick-people
arms wrapped around each other


Slow Seduction Silent Night
by David Keig

Slow seduction silent night
Barely breathing burning bright
Closer closer touch feel hold
Power passion burnished gold
Softly softy warm within
He she it we you her him
Barely breathing burning bright
Slow seduction silent night.


A Seduction: Perfumed Lanes
by Lonnie Hicks

Walking through
my fathers’ garden
lilacs in bloom
the walk-way
my senses.
I surrendered
as you
of plans and dreams;
I felt content
to be there doing
nothing but being there
talking with and listening to you.
The sound of your voice
is soothing to me.
You used it to love to me,
without evening knowing.
It taffized my heart.
Your mouth;
meserized me
the way our lips moved.
it all flowed-
pouring out over me like a gentle water fall
splashing down to my Soul Pool.
And I allowed it all to fill me up
in the walk-way
on the perfumed lane
in the auburitum
while the birds sang
as I took in those sweet breaths
of Jasmine and Lilac
of flower-petal hearts beating
you washed over me
and I let you.
I flowed over you
and you let me
I allowed them
to over-brim and fulfill me;
my scarf
gentle-stroked the summer breeze
fluttered gently
and I said yes, again and again.
You seduced me.
And I you,
we both swaying
in the
lilac breezes.

Source: Poemhunter

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