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Poems For First Grade

First Grade – First Class – Poem by Herbert Nehrlich


I’m only five, you know
and, just like you
have started school.
Mum says I like it.
As all kids do.
I find myself,
in real life,
much more mature
than you’d expect.
Dad says a girl
is always way ahead
of any boy.
And that, my friend
is what you are,
and one (I ought to
whisper now)
so cute, it’s weird
that our paths
have never crossed
in younger days.
And I was wondering
if we could
walk home together
after school?
They say a girl,
one like myself
should have protection
from the villains,
the cradlesnatchers,
I saw that on TV.
Well, shucks
there goes the bell.
Another day
of sitting still
and chewing
yellow pencils.
What is your name then,
also, listen
I see you have
a runny nose.
If you would like
to use my hanky….
I only need it when I cry.

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