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Poems About Missing Someone

Missing Someone
by Lora Colon

I never met him, our paths never crossed
So what am I missing, what have I lost?
I wander in the shadows, seeking the light,
Who am I missing tonight?
Was he in the crowd, did we pass in the street?
Were we on the same train, did our eyes ever meet?
Would knowing the truth make anything right?
Who am I missing tonight?
Does he think of the girl he never met?
How cruel fate is to show no regret!
Alone with his thoughts, does he dim the light
And wonder who he’s missing tonight?
Now my hair is gray, my looks are gone,
Through crowded streets I walk alone.
Remembering my youth, my thoughts take flight
Who am I missing tonight?


Missing Someone
Abhimanyu Kumar.s

The heart gets calm
Memories become warm
Eyes start sprinkling
When something is missing
Someone scratches your nerves
Make you walk
Without a talk
Gets you in an ocean
Ocean of memories
Where you can either be in
Or be out from it
True happiness, or sadness
Comes from deep part
When you truly miss someone.

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