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Poems About Heartbreak

They say that emotional heartbreak can cause literal damage to a person’s heart when left unresolved. Heartbreak can be caused by lots of things and people. It may be a devastating circumstance at work, at home, or in your personal relationships. It may come from estrangement from the person you care about most. No matter what is causing your heartbreak, there are ways to deal with it for healthy healing of your heart. Time heals all wounds only if you let it, and while you are waiting for your heart to heal indulge in the things that would keep you healthily occupied.

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Heartbreak Hotel – Poem by SinJace Ramos

Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel
Located beneath the bowels of hell
Our clientele is quite diverse
Goes from bad to the very worse
Our goal was never meant to please
Its lost souls we want to seize
So live it up above the ground
When you’re done come on down
None of the guest seem surprised
Nor do they bother to cry
Each of them had a chance
But chose Satan with whom to dance

Heartbreak – Poem by Tiara Neal

Something I know to much about.
Thinking you would never break my heart.
But sure enough you did with out a doubt.
What i wish to leave behind.
So here I am flashing back.
Hating that you use to be mine.
You left me crying.
Trying to recope.
You left me dying.
Gettin rid of the hate.
Using rubberbands.
My mistake.
Living in fear.
I dont want to die.
Thinking you cared.
I wish you only knew.
What you meant to me.
And how much i cared about you.
What you left me feeling.

First Love’s Heartbreak – Poem by Gabrielle L. Tastet

I never thought you could mean this much to me
Enough to rip me apart inside out
Just clueless
You just forget the things you said. I said.
I meant them.
The gaze of lust you had, I misconstrued for love.
“Forgive me? ” You say.
Don’t be sorry, your feelings are involuntary as are mine.
For so long I thought there was a chance.
Then with my admittance, the possibility died.
The flame,
Still alive in my heart,
Set fire to the rest of my body.
I shot up in flames.
I died that day.
Then you send me a message, “Let’s hang out.”
I say yes, but it was only as friends.
My charred heart can take no more.
Then James.
James saved me with friendship.
He loves me.
Why don’t you?

Heartbreak – Poem by Barry Middleton

my heartbreak cannot be stitched
or darned like an old gray sock
it looks just like the picture
with a lightning bolt down the middle
this is not the first time at all
I left the farm and saw New York
and knew I could never be satisfied
regardless of weather or fortune
the heart can only take so much
like a horse that wants to run
like a boat jumping a wave
the heart rocks like a Ferris wheel
it tumbles like a mountain rockslide
tears fall and burn the landscape
then I clutch my chest and know
the bullet has passed clean through

Heartbreak – Poem by Matthew Holloway

Heartbreak arrives like a wave upon rocks
In the midst of a storm
A raging slam to the heart and soul
Caught between the cold of the rock
And the hammer of the sea
Crash after crash it repeats
Breaking over and again
Without remorse while the wind howls
And the rain falls hard against the mind
Savage the storm be it day or night
Harder the ache in the following days
Heartbreak is sadly poetic
For all of the wrong reasons

Source: Poemhunter

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