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Poems About Educations

Education is a gift that either our parents or ourselves give to us for our future benefit. We are taught, and we learn not just from the lessons in the four corners of our classrooms and seminar halls, but through the process of undergoing the discipline and practice of learning, and going through obstacles and challenges. We may fail at times, and we also succeed. But all of these, our small victories, to devastating losses, that we go through in the system of education makes us a stronger and wiser person. As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher”, and it is the same with education.

Enjoy our collection of poems at 1Love Poems and let these inspire you to pursue your education and passions.


by Norena M. Jones
You want to be in a gang
And shoot up everything with a bang
You say they’ll have your back
But education is what you lack
Education is the key to life
And not getting stabbed with a knife
Education will lead you to great heights
And not to everyday fights
Education will help you excel
Not lead you to a county jail
You won’t find yourself doing ten
In any county pen
Or being charged with first degree murder
In a court of order
And as your family wail
You’re getting life without bail
Be in a gang and stay there for keeps
You’ll find yourself underground six feet deep
So instead of being laid to rest
Get an education and be the best.

Education Gives Us

by Hasmukh Amathalal
Does the education give us more knowledge?
Make intelligence sharp to cut the edge?
Does it inspire intelligentsia to take more pledge?
Is it simply the symbolic gesture in form of badge?
Common sense is prevalent in living body
Can best be used by individual or anybody
What matters most is its application
Wrong use of it may lead to suffocation
Education or knowledge gives you eye to watch
Nose and ears with extra sense to catch
Quarrels avoided and may show the way to patch
Lead to big yield and without proving match
Illiterates have common sense and ability to lead
All the times they will need guidance and feed
Literates can think well ahead and act
Balance approach and enough time to react
Knowledge and power leads to smartness and elegance
It may look as if air is filled with fragrance
Wherever you go, leave the lasting impression
Saves you from down fall and forceful emersion
Nothing to match with ideas and its execution
Nothing will be had even if you to go any institution
It is self assertion and simple approach to solution
Hard even it may be, complete answer with logical dilution
May need its proper use and application
Will earn you laurels and visible citation
Certificates of work and good appreciation
Choosing of correct path with slight or no deviation
It is not easy to go all alone
Enough try to dislodge you with effect of cyclone
Will have to stand on the patchy ground
Act swiftly and fast with little or slight sound
Only knowledge on paper or in mind will not prove
Degrees and qualifications may not lead and improve
Your actions and work may find objection and disapproval
Cry from all over for disqualification and removal
It is like both the side of the coin
Proper use and missteps foil
Image building with strong resolve
Thwarting attempts and finally dissolved


by Prabir Gayen
Education is the foundation of growth,
Behind every civilization
there is education,
The spine of every nation
is its education system,
The inner and outer growths are
for right education,
Right education makes a nation
prosperous and healthy,
Healthy life depends on
healthy system of education,
Moral and immoral determine
the potency of education,
In no way it should be subjected
to small political business,
Education makes the bud of life flower
to higher realm of existence,
It helps to manifest inner beauty of life,
Education nurtures life to be fulfilled,
The road to freedom and flexibility,
Above everything education should exist,
In difficult times and in easy comfort
education should not be compromised,
Life is beautiful and right education
makes it easy to access,
Beyond politics education should survive,
Teachers are the real warriors,
The gardeners of beautiful flowers,
Schools and colleges are real gardens
and students are real flowers,
Gardens and gardeners need proper treatment
and right care to bring out real flowers
to spread sweet fragrance,
Humanity is the fragrance of existence,
The existence and existential are interwoven,
To have a perfect humanity,
Perfect manifestation of absolute Joy,
Education is the way to achieve a perfect society,
A condition free verse of life is possible
through open-air of unconditional
educational institution,
Free from every chain social or political,
A better humanity will sprout through the soil
of right education,
Education is the manifestation of perfection
inherent in every human heart, already present
as seed deep inside pulsating beings,
In the period of deep crisis
right approach to education is the foundation
to revive the nation to flower to full potential
with the flavours of love, Joy,
beauty and belongingness, commitment and contentment,
Education is the real heaven and
it should be taken care of for our present
and future nation to shine.


by Edward Kofi Louis
Education in peace brings peace,
Education in love brings love,
Education in care brings care,
But education in war brings war to all mankind.

Source: Poemhunter

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