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Poems About Break Up

Breaking up with a romantic partner is a very difficult circumstance. It is difficult to part ways with someone who had an important place in your heart. If you are going through a break up then you are suffering from a loss you did not quite expect. It is such a hard situation to process because somehow a part of you dies in the process. You will be missing a familiar feeling that has been around for quite some time and you will grieve in the process. But grieving over a break up is the way to healing and moving on.

Find courage and strength to heal and move on with 1Love Poems.

The Breakup – Poem by Tina Sena

Some day I’ll be the woman you want,
and guess what?
I won’t want you.
I won’t care about what you do.
I won’t care if you look good too.
I won’t care at all about you.
Some day I’ll be the woman you want,
and guess what?
I won’t give a damn.
You’ll be no better than any other man.
I won’t even want to hold your hand.
And sure wouldn’t care where you stand.
I won’t give a damn about you.

Breakup – Poem by Lipika Ghosh

It’s not wrong
All the night I write
I delete
again I write new
Moulted baremoonlight dimming
Upon windowpane
Then disappeared
It’s not wrong
All the night I remember
I forget
And I do not remember again
I write saddest line then.

A Call After The Breakup – Poem by Kauthami Thamy

A call after the separation
is like Digging up the buried Corpse and
asking ‘did you die? ‘
A call after the separation
is like
hiding behind the gray clouds and
send a yellow star as messenger
A call after the separation
is Like
The sky which was come to touch as drop
falling on the top of the head as a thunder
A call after the separation
is like
snap the pen tip
after the head collapses
by the judgment of execution
A call after the separation
is like
screw in
spot of choked up sore
by the Javelin
A call after the separation
is like
put a bird injured at accident
in a cage
A call after the separation
is like
Once see the face finally
after put the firewood on the chest
after breakup
You didn’t call
I didn’t talk!

Breakup 3 – Poem by Lipika Ghosh

Is it blue or deep dark?
Is it rebirth or Earth collapsed?
still I am writing my own
And about those around me
I am standing beside a shore
Waves gone far
Sands moving beneath toe
Is it dark or deep blue?
Still I am alive
Same Earth though
I refuse to see morning glow
I refuse to see anymore.

Breakup 5 – Poem by Lipika Ghosh

It’s suffocating
This smoky damp room
Shouldn’t we leave soon?
Let me correct
Shouldn’t I leave soon?
Shouldn’t you leave soon?
Water drops rolling
It’s salty
It’s not tear
A pinch of salt mixed with water
Should we cry?
Let me correct
Should I cry?
Should you cry?
we didn’t write a single poem together…

Breakup Beast And Feast – Poem by John Sensele

Breakup doesn’t equal worthlessness
If departure of ex ends and bends the powerlessness prison
In which circumstances spun the carelessness
Can you need to evict and restrict for a royal reason.
Breakup doesn’t dictate depression
If you choose to belittle binge booze
Which emaciates the emotional expression
You figure out if a fruitful future you should choose.
Breakup doesn’t mean obsession
If determination and action triumph
To erase for good the sad session and the impression
You jettison as great gains towards you should galumph.
Breakup doesn’t kill your future
If the reasonable riddance of rotten rubbish
Should begin to repair the sordid suture
Wounds of wrong relationship you dump into a draconian dish.

Source: Poemhunter

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