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Poems About Betrayal – Betrayal Poetry For Broken Hearts

Trust is a precious gift we give to the people closest to our hearts. It takes a lot to gain someone’s trust as well as the courage to give it. Most times trust is given only after a long period of time, or when you have reached the next level of a relationship, or when they have conquered obstacles and challenges of your relationship. Once trust is given, we rely on the care that our trust will not be broken, because once it is broken it is hard to rebuild and maybe even lose it completely. Appreciate the trust that has been confidently given to you.

Browse through our collection of poems at 1Love Poems for healing and forgiveness so you can mend a broken relationship and trust from betrayal.

Betrayal – Poem by Doom and Gloom

Good day to thee my worthless friend, I see you’ve shown your full intent
While others rally to defend, no one knows where you went
Hello to thee my part time chum, I see you fled the dragons lair
While former friends die one by one, they turn for help but you’re not there
Greetings to thee my life long mate, we trusted you with all our hearts
We remembered you in final thoughts, as we watched ourselves get ripped apart
Goodbye to you fair-weather friend, was good until you turned and fled
Think of us from time to time, the ones you loved then left for dead

Betrayal! – Poem by Emma Jane Rae

Have you ever felt betrayed?
by those you thought you loved?
it really hurts even more so,
coz they didn’t give a stuff,
not for your feelings,
and not for you,
they just long,
to do the dirty on you!
then turn it around,
to make out it’s your fault,
that you forced them,
into the arms of another woman,
because they dont want the blame,
they cant handle the shame,
so why do we put up with it?
when thiers so much hurt to hide,
in this lonely heart of yours,
you feel like part of you has died
they play with your life like a game,
but how would they feel,
if we did the same,
turn to another man,
when time gets hard,
then tell them it’s thier fault,
for giving you the red card,
why do we take them back,
when they hurt us so much?
is it because we long for their touch?
is it because they think they will change,
will it get better if we turn the page,
the answer is ‘NO’ and will always be,
he really doesnt care,
and everyone can see,
whos looking in from the outside,
but we cant coz we are too proud,
to admit that we are boken inside,
to admit that they have won!

Betrayal Of Love – Poem by Crimson Love

My first taste of betrayal,
was one to not be forgotten,
Betrayed by the one whom was the one I could confide,
Ripping at the sewn bits of my heart….
She betrayed me……
My lover… friend,
the one whom held my love,
Caught upon a bed of deciet she lie there with someone,
whom wasn’t me,
My eyes fill with sadnees, a look of regret,
she stares back into my eyes, apoligetic…distraught,
How can this happen, when I’ve given everything,
Tears trickle down my crimson face,
I wasn’t good enough, I’ve been replaced,
She held my heart, and had a choice,
The lust of another or the everything I have,
she chose wrong,
now….I’m gone.

Betrayal – Poem by Valsa George

Secure within the mother’s womb.
Sheltered from all storms of life.
The countdown begun-
A wide world awaiting,
Eager faces looking,
Windows opening,
Taste and Touch.
Expectations shattered,
Exasperation heightened,
Execution begun,
Excruciation settled,
Expulsion confirmed!
Chopped to pieces,
Down to trash.
‘The most unkindest cut of all’!
Horrid Betrayal!
Through aeons,
History repeats.
‘Am I my brother’s keeper’?
The Son of Man –
sold out,
with a kiss.
Et tu, Brute!

Beloved’s Betrayal – Poem by bakuli bhakali

Bring rain,
Green grain.
Restless ride,
Beautiful bride.
Dreams danced,
Enjoyment enhanced,
Lovers loved,
Saviours saved.
Truth trusted,
Fantasy feasted.
Pain poured,
Rain roared.
Bring rain,
Green grain.
Restless ride,
Beautiful bride.
Trust traded,
Beloved betrayed.
Chance changed,
Care caged.
Foe fed,
Bride’s bed.
Love lost,
Feelings frost.
Hope hanged,
Beast banged.
Shame shed,
Foe fed.
Lofty lust,
Trailing trust.
Saviour sacked,
Beauty baked.
Restless raid,
Flower fade.
Dreams dried,
Feelings fried.
Trust traded,
Anger added.
Hatred hiked,
Shamelessness spiked.
People’s plight,
Shameless sight.
Justice joked,
Chance checked.
Trust trailed,
Fate failed.
Flower fade,
Restless raid.

No Betrayal – Poem by Hasmukh Amathalal

love and betrayal
it is an inseparable part for any individual
it results when someone plays a dual role
and down the shutters with a desperate call
the rejection of love is not at all betrayal
it may be due to dismal show
or things don’t move with our desires
and love eventually runs out of track
love still reigns
and gains upper hand
if things, later on, improve
and prove the desirability with an honesty
love has its specific angle
and makes you struggle
rough weather makes it impossible
and you stand discourages as defeated individual
so never feel bitter
love has charm and harms never
you have happy days ahead
you are well received and read

Source: Poemhunter

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