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Poem Circles

by Paul Butters

I see a pattern Everywhere:
Circles and globes (three dimensional circles) :
Shiny rings of fire.
Countless manifestations of this same shape.
Star-spangled galaxies wheeling through the sky:
That half-globe dome.
Earth, in circular orbit (more or less) around the Sun,
Escorted by the Moon.
Days give way to seasons,
Repeating every year.
Groundhog Days becoming
Groundhog Creations
The list seems endless:
Hopkins’ dapples,
Planets, craters, cyclones, anti-cyclones, sea currents,
Balls, apples, oranges, nuts, potatoes,
Teardrops, heads, faces, eyes, mouths,
Coins, bin lids, and plates;
Sunflowers, daisies, pansies,
Rings of mushrooms,
Circling birds of prey,
A cat curled in a circle,
Like a foetus.
Life as we know it
Is a circle
And a cycle too.
Birth, Death, Blossom, Wilt.
Clock-faced Time itself.
Eternity might be a circle,
Infinity the same.
Maybe even God,
Some way.
Perhaps we still are building God,
For Him or Her to travel back through time
Like Doctor Who
To Create The Big Bang,
And form this expanding Universe,
Thus taking us full circle.
Or maybe the Universe will fold back in upon itself,
Producing yet one more Big Bang,
In an endless cycle,
Of Big Bangs,
Amongst this ever circling


by Bonnie B Long

My life is in circles don’t know which way to turn
Do I go towards the light do I let myself burn.
The song says call my name and I’ll be there
Will you, or will you leave me in despair?
Friends say what I feel is way too wrong
But I can’t help this feeling it is too strong
My heart says this is oh so right
But at times my mind and heart are in a fight.
Do you feel this feeling I feel?
Is what I’m feeling in my head or is it real?
How do you love someone this much before you meet
Before you see their eyes and if the look is as sweet.
Friends say I’m setting myself up for a fall
Am I, or am I answering my life’s call?
Only time will tell, we’ll see this through
If you love me as much as I love you.

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